Friday, August 15, 2008

Need Answers

There are times that we thought everything is perfectly alright. That we are filled with so much happiness, excitement and overjoyed with something that we really don't expect to have. But then again, with those uplifting emotions, you suddenly felt like you were cheated because something was taken away from you with reasons you don't know.
Nakakainis yung ganon diba? Yung bigla na lang kukunin sayo ng wala man lang clarity kung bakit... Napapaisip ka tuloy, what did I do wrong? Tapos wala lang, bigla na lang nawala. Sandamukal naman, kung sana lahat ay idadadaan sa mabuting usapan wala sanang masasaktan, walang naguguluhan, walang nagtatanong ng BAKIT, ANO, PAANO? Hay naku ang buhay nga naman.. Sabi nga nila always Expect the Unexpected. Oh well, part of life diba.. live and learn!


  1. as they say, you should always expect the unexpected!

    hope you're feeling ok now!

  2. life is full of surprises dear but i hope "they" would explain the reason behind it. i'm really sory about what happened.

  3. Thank you sheng, I am okay now.. I just have to let out that feeling of INIS lol..

    It's alright Lou, don't feel sorry.. Nothing we can do, its their discretion to do it, as it stated on their T&C. Oh well, its not that much anyway hehehe.. Frustrated lang ako because I didn't do anything to violate their rules.

  4. unavoidable things may happen's just a matter of mind conditioning ( at times,lol)...chill out...

  5. Ganoon talaga ang buhay! Just learn to live with it!

  6. Rose, am sorry for what happened :-(

    life is indeed full of surprises and we just need to live with it. i hope you are feeling better now, even though i don't really know what happened, but i know how it feels when something is taken away from you with out knowing why!


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