Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Ble$$ing!!!

Every morning when I wake up, the second thing I do after cleaning up my self and bed is turning on the PC... Addict??? Sort of lol... Well, I opened 3Ps to see if there's some opps and was delighted to see a green one there but when I clicked it, it says that I didn't met the requirements...I'm kinda disappointed but it's okay... I went back to the dashboard of 3Ps and noticed that I been paid some BUCK$. I thought that it was for my post, it wasn't until I opened my email that I realized that the payment is for the referral I made through 3Ps...WOW, awesome!!! Ye$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! That's how much I made (count the dollar sign dear blogpals) .. My very first one.. How about you, did you make any cash thru referrals? Thank you so much PayPerPost for making me a part of your growing success.. Thank you for giving SAHM an opportunity to make some money. It's a great pleasure of dealing business with you.
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  1. HI Rose, first, thanks for commenting and 2ndly, about this PPP, it was the same for me.. when i clicked on the green opp, it said no more reservations...i was so disappointed but at least i hv done 5 posts for them a month ago, thanks all the same..i guess now its very competitive.. its very popular now.. well, wish u all the best, anyway..

  2. visiting you today..tinawan tanayka bru..I missed Fe already

  3. Thanks Sheng for the tag!

    Hi Claire, yup I got two greens this morning but when I clicked them it said that i don't qualify for the offer.. I thought, what the heck is it green for, if i don't qualify lol.. But anyhow, its ok there's still tomorrow diba..

    Thanks a lot Lou for the blessings and visits!!


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