Friday, August 15, 2008

breaking monotony

To break the monotony of our everyday activity, my husband took a day off from work today and we got outta here. We went to another city, Taegu, its a 2-hour drive from our location. We shopped a little bit and ate at Subway.. No fancy restaurants on base so that's our only choice. While waiting for our food, my son keep smiling at me so I took some snapshots..
Here are faces of my son's happiness........ Enjoy!
This was taken when we were at the furniture store .. he found this lava lamp and he liked it so much that he didn't wanna take his eyes off of it..


  1. Hehe. I remember when I first learned about the lava lamp.. took me thirty minutes.. just looking at it.

  2. Thanks for the comments Mitch, yup ayaw na talaga nyang umalis, his eyes were glued on that lava lamp. We didn't buy it because we just rode on a bus and we already had so much stuff to carry..

  3. nice pictures. and happy to know, that there are happy married filipinas around the globe.

  4. mana yan ki ninang nya,,tibayon si ej,,,gare daog na si ate nya...keep up little boy,,,for ur modelling career!

  5. wow! they're so cute!

    i love it!

    your boy is a star


  6. @Thanks ate weng, yup its true.. there are a lot of happily married filipinas around the world..

    @Madz Fe, syempre mna din sa mama hahaha.. He is learning to smile now on the camera, before he is always doing the chucky face face.

    @Thanks Peachy for the compliment!

  7. What a sweet face EJ has. Ry is getting so big! We have a lava lamp and I still love watching it!!


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