Friday, August 1, 2008

A day of Ble$$ing$

Praise God, I've been blessed today with so much grace! What a great day to start the month of August. I hope that this will continue through out this month and the months to come lol.. I am grateful and thankful that today is the last day of hubby's work day for the week... I have to work tomorrow though.. Sacrifice... sacrifice ... and more sacrifice lol.. Anyhow, I'm gonna got to bed now because it's twelve midnight and I have to get a good night sleep.. Goodnight bloggers... Enjoy your day and good luck in grabbing opportunities..


  1. So do I, friend! Today is hubby's day off. But I worked today. It's a blessing when I don't have to wake up very early to send him to work.

  2. what a great follower. i go to church this evening... am excited. ^_^

    How are you by the way? Saw your link from another frind in blogging, Sheng. Hope to hear from you..

  3. prayers/ praise in blog... inspiring.

  4. @Gilbert/Cely - I only work partime on week ends. Hubby actually don't like the idea but I insisted hehehe. It gives him more time with the kids! The only problem is that we dont have much family time..

    @Webbiestuffs.. Thanks for the nice compliment and for visiting here.. I'll add your your link as my appreciation..

    @Webloglearner... Thanks for the comment and for visiting..

  5. keep working,ur so lucky to have one,
    dakulon wara including myself..bwahuhuhu..schadi....

  6. A hardworking mom always be lucky hehe.
    Good openning of the month of August :-)
    keep up the good work Rose, and may god bless us!!

  7. Madz, daghang salamat for always putting comments on my posts... You are my big contributor, thanks a bunch!

    Ate Weng, thanks a lot too for sharing your precious time with me.. I know that you're a very busy Mom too..

    Your valuable time is greatly appreciated guys..


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