Thursday, September 18, 2008

Funny mess

I remember when my daughter was only 2 years old, she did something naughty but i found it funny at the same time! My sweet Rylie asked a glass of water from me, so I gave her one assuming that she'd drink it.... BUT..... to my dismay, she soaked my cell phone on it.... wahhhhh, I wanna lose my mind. I asked her why she did it and I laughed to her answer (even if i'm upset).. I couldn't help but laughed... she said "I am trying to clean it because i think the inside part is dirty".. Gosh, it's too hard when you have a toddler, but I tell you guys it's a lot of fun too! I thought my cellphone won't work anymore but thank goodness, it did after letting it dry for a couple of days..
If you accidentally get your cellphone wet, don't turn it on right away, let it dry first for a couple of hours.


  1. she is so cure! here visiting :-) i have a tag for you waiting on my blog "small and simple things:-) take care and have a nice day!i drooped ec here also

  2. this is funny! waheheh toddlers have the exciting view of the world...they're very curious about anything and very eager to do anything by themselves...and they'll definitely give you thousand of reasons to laugh by their cute and innocent humor,waheheeehheh! nice rylie!
    yup, never ever turn-on your phone after dropping it in a glass of water,lol...dry it first and u may even use hair dryer to hasten the drying process...

  3. Thanks ate Ceceille!

    ^_^ Totoo yan kabayan Sunny, most of the time matatawa ka talaga and they're very samart too. Just like yesterday, shw wasn't feeling good and i told her to eat, she said she don't want to because she's sick and i said "that's why you have to eat, so you'll feel better" alam mo ba kung anong sagot "well, im not sick then" ayaw nya kasing kumain... Nakupo kung di ka makalbo sa kunsumisyon hahaha..

  4. wahahahah..nakakatuwa nmn tlga mga bata! waheheheh! pero to tell bilis nyan lumaki kaya be with the moment and as much as possible capture every nice moment...wahehheheeh!

  5. Yup they grow up so fast, parang kelan lang my daughter can't even crawl, now she knows how to argue and point out her views lol!


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