Friends Around the World, Join Us!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I received a parcel today from my dear friend in Germany. Thanks a lot Mads Fe for these cooking mixes, mapapasarap na naman luto ko nito hehehe. I hope that you will be able to fix your computer problem so we'll have a chance to chat again. me and malou are missing you!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I also receive a late Chusok present from my Korean student yesterday. Kamsa hamnida Min Young!
I am thanking the Lord Almighty for giving me friends everywhere I go.


  1. hi rose! blog hopping today! pls visit mine when u get a chance! thx and God bless!

  2. thanks for the visit dahl, will sure visit you..

  3. Hi Rose, ha ha, my Spanish was 're your kind invitation,
    I can no other answer make, but thank you and thank you'.
    Hey, I thought you speak Spanish well? Ha ha.
    Anyway, thank you again for your warm gesture.....
    Adios, vaya con dios, Lee.

  4. rose, i am here visiting your blog :-) you are a lucky and blessed girl for you've got friends all aroud you :-0 anyway, dropping ec here and saying have a nice day!

  5. hello Rose,
    sorry for the late visit, wala kasing i-net connection for 2 days.ngayon lang nabalik ung connection.Dami mo namang blessings :)

  6. ^_^Hi Rok, thanks for visiting!

    ^..^Thanks Lee for giving me spanish lesson lol..

    ^_^ Yeah and I am thankful for that Ate Cecille.. Thanks for the EC too!

    ^_^Ate Weng, praise the Lord you're back hehehe!

  7. hi dear rose you know what I am jealous of you because Fe's pasalubong for me didn't get here..kidding hehehe

    Actually i talked to Fe this morning & I'm glad she's back in circulation :-) Missed her so much! pinagpapala ka talaga manay mala dakulon nagadonar simo kya relax ka lang jan mahal ka namin...kita kits ulit Goodluck!

  8. Hi Lou, thanks! I'll tell Fe that hehehe.. When it comes to friends, God always provide me plenty. Thanks for being one!


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