Friday, September 19, 2008

Believe IT or Not

Do you believe in the saying, "Dogs are man's best friend"? I do believe so! Back in the Philippines, we have a dog named BUDIK, he is 35 years old now (in dog's age equivalent). He was only a puppy when my father passed away. It's weird, but true, on my father's wake, Budik wasn't feeling very good, he looked so ill. He did not want to eat, no matter what we gave him, he did not even want to move. We thought for sure that he was going to die. A friend of the family told us that he is grieving too with our loss. She said for us to tie a piece of black cloth around his neck . We love Budik so dearly and we didn't want to lose him so we took her advice. To our amazement, it really did work. As soon as we did it, he slowly got up and went to his bowl with food and started eating. Isn't it weird that a dog can feel the pain of losing someone? I think he really did grieve for my father. He and my father we're so close before. They used to play and swim in the ocean.

Budik is very sweet ( as you can see in the picture). He always wants to sit in the middle of everybody especially when we are taking pictures. What I missed about him the most is his sweetness and playfulness. And when he sleeps, his four legs are all up in the air. I find it very funny and adorable. Have you seen any dog who sleep like him? Every time I see a dog, Budik always come to my mind and I miss him a lot. Whenever I talk to my mother on the phone, I always ask about him.
The picture below shows how he sleep. I find it very funny!

When John and I left my Mother's place, Budik swam and followed our boat as far as he could. It was as if he knew we were leaving for a very long time. It made me very sad. Do you have a special pet too? Can you share a story with us?


  1. This is anice story. What a wonderful and loyal dog you have got then. Say my hi to Budik then.. indeed she is a very sweet dog.

  2. Why Budik pala? What is the meaning of that word?

    BTW, no new posts in my I Love Philippines blog yet, i do not post there so often to let the contents be absorbed by readers first... unlike before that I used to post often but since it gains pr without moving it much, I rather focus on quality and content of the psots rather than their quantity.

    Thank you so muc for supporting that blog, Rose.. The same thanks goes to you hubby.

  3. You are very lucky to have such a great pet. I grew up with dogs at home and till it became difficult to keep one with my other preoccupations. Now I am content to indulge some dogs that belong to some friends.

  4. ^_^Hi Wanderer, actually i misses him very much because he is a very sweet dog.

    ^_^ilovph2, well we locally call dogs "budoy" and since our dog always like to dikdik (put his face in front of us) we called him budik since then. You have a point there Rogue and besides you have three blogs to maintain to hehehe..

    ^_^Its ok rummuser, we really love to have dog in our house but we dont do that yet because of the kids. We'll probably do when they're grown up already.. Indeed my family really is lucky to have BUDIK!

  5. mads like ko ang picture mo sa seashore napakasilent and malinigon wara polution.


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