Friday, September 19, 2008

Bicol Pride

I grew up in a small town of Donsol in Sorsogon. It is located in the South of Luzon where you can find one of the best kept secrets in the Philippines, the gentle giants called BUTANDING or whale shark. It is one of the big five marine animals that everyone wants to see. They usually starts to show up from November to June.
We have to ride a boat from the town in order to reach our place so when my husband visited my family for the first time, he was very fortunate to saw one of them. He was so amazed how big and beautiful they are. I can still remember when local people used to catch them. But now they are being regulated by the local government for eco-tourism. Lots of tourist go there during summer just to see the eye catching creature.
This is the view where i lived..
Another pride of Bicol is the Mayon Volcano which is known as the perfect cone volcano. It is located in the Province of Albay. Although it is dangerous when it's erupting, it is very beautiful! It look like this when she's mad! Half atop of this Mayon volcano is a tourist destination called Mayon Resthouse where you can see the pathways of the lava and magma.


  1. I love your blog! keep on writting those inspirational stories. Wish I could have met you, Rose.

  2. I wish I had that chance to go whale watching back when I was still there. I read all your blogs they're really nice.

  3. i have never been to Bicol yet but I do love the way your food is cooked there..Yummy yummy yum Rose!

    I ahve never seen these beautiful creayures as well...

  4. ^_^Hello Ate gigi, don't worry when we go back there in US, who knows our path might cross someday!

    ^_^Thanks Malou, pag bumalik ka sa Bicol try to go in Donsol and watch the Butaning you'll love it!

    ^_^I'm glad you love our food Rogue, masiram talaga pagkakaluto hehehe.. Try to go there when you visit Phils. again..

  5. i experience butanding manytimes mads, theres a time na ginamit mi small boat good for 2 person but we are 3 -alvin, fr milo and me lahat kami maliit kaya kasya then nakakita kami madilim na part ng dagat-tig para sunod mi BUTANDING nga until na kaabot kami sa harayuon na place di mina nailing so gilid kan dagat hehehe...good experience------

  6. Even if I am in the Philippines right now I've never been to Bicol. Looks like a very enchanting place to visit!

    Those are really the "butandings" in your place? Wow!

  7. ^_^I really miss Bicol Mads, lalo na butanding adventures hehehe.. Good thing you were able to see the Butanding before you went to Germany..

    ^_^Hi Gem, Yup, that's exactly the Butanding in our place.. You should go there sometimes!

  8. Looks fantastic there. Not a secret anymore though with your promotion.

  9. You make me dreaming to go there Rose. Beautiful place.

  10. Wow! That is something. You are very lucky indeed to come from such a place. Wish I could go there some day.

  11. I've been to bicol 8 years back. We stayed at San Isidro for 4 days. We've been to hot spring. i really like the place. sarap maligo don.

  12. Hi Rose, gosh, looking at your pic on the beach is like looking at Paradise, ha ha.
    I'd rather go see a lovely lady on that beach than...ha ha, just kidding.
    But you sure look fantastico on that beach, Lee.

  13. ^_^Hahaha that's funny Martin but yes, its really great to have come from my place.

    ^_^It's free to dream love ely so there, you have it lol.. But who knows, your place is close to my country so might be able to go there someday!

    ^_^Rummuser since you are retiring soon (or already is) you might want to spend some time in my country and explore the natural beauty in our place!

    ^_^Hi Ate Weng, I know what place you're talking about. I have been there too when I was still in College as part of our theology class adventures lol. it is in Irosin right?

    ^_^Thanks Lee! We'll you definitely have a good sense of humor..

  14. They say only goodlooking people visit my site... you are too right?! Prove it here! ^_^

  15. bicol's pride tlga yan! waheheheheh! taz add mo pa ang special cuisine ng bicol..maaarang at magata! and sympre ang mga oragons na mga uragon tlga! lol! ingt pirmi!


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