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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Music Instrument and Piano Recital

My paternal  grandfather was really good with music instrument.  I remember when I was growing up, he would always play his banjo or guitar before we go to bed and it was very relaxing.  The form of music  before is very much different now with  digital  and other    new technology that we have.  I kinda miss the old  ways  but I am happy of what we have now.

Below is  one of the photos I took when we   watched Ms. Burrito's piano  teacher performed many songs.


  1. I don't know how to play any musical instrument! is it too late to learn how?

  2. Music is in the genes. Your kids are lucky!

  3. Great job! love seeing others enjoy music like we do!

  4. Now I know where your daughter got her talent in playing piano :D

  5. how wonderful music is a huge part of our family here

  6. that's so wonderful, i bet your daughter got that music talent from your dad.


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