Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Piano Enthusiast... NOw Pursuing it

Below is the photo of our piano enthusiast. We plan to enrol her this summer.

My father-in-law told Ms. Burrito that she can have the  piano at his basement which the little Miss was very happy about.  It's a good piano and I like it too, the only concern that hubby and I have is the fact that it's old and it needs reconditioning.  So we are saving to buy her an electric  one which amount  is the same as reconditioning the old piano. It is a joy to see her jam in the piano now.  She even teaches me a couple of song where her and play together.  She is  a strict teacher though lol.  I told her that I can't move my  fingers like she does because I am old (excuses hahaha).


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