Friday, April 19, 2013

Festival of Nations

Last Saturday was the Festival of Nation celebration here in Weirton.  We did not get to go until  NooN because our daughter had an Experience day in school that morning..  We missed an hour of  action at the Community Center.
We did not get to see the performances of the Filipino Dance Troupe as they  have performed earlier.
After an hour of  wandering and looking at traditional stuff displayed at the Center, we went home.  There are ITalian and Indian Foods being sold at the food booths.
I hope you are having a good weekend.  It's rainy, windy,  and chilly at our end.
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  1. Nothing is as important as what the children are involved in. More parents should do so.

  2. This is fantastic. I would love to attend a festival like this. I'm an old follower with a new blog-

    always loved your blog- jaz

    1. Congrats on your new blog, I just visited it.

  3. how cool! we have that kind of festival here too....:)

  4. These festivals are always full of terrific images, many of which you have captured. Kate, ABC Team

  5. Know you all had a fun filled day together. There is always so much to see and do. Hope you had a great time. genie

  6. It looks like one fun and interesting day, mommy. So much to see and explore and such neat things. We had a good weekend so far weatherwise. Thank you for sharing.

  7. seemed to be a very fun event and i love those crafts right there

  8. ooh such a grand time, i love seeing beautiful dresses of different nation.

  9. That was certainly a lot of fun !

  10. You must have enjoyed yourself these past few days! Wonderful!Thanks for your comment.The pademelon photo was taken by an unknown photographer of Wikipedia.
    Have a great week! We are looking forward to next week when the new King will have his inauguration.Hopefully it will be a sunny day.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  11. Wow, it's like our kids' United Nations Day here but at a higher community level. Hope you'll be able to see the Filipino troupe perform next time.

  12. i would love to witness those kinds of activities with my kids. maybe when they start going to school.:)

  13. i bet everyone had a blast. It looks like a very fun event

  14. Is this like the Unated Nations here in the Philippines?


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