Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas no More..

We planned to take the Christmas decors this week so last Sunday, we took some pictures of us before putting them away.  If I am not mistaken, today is the  11th days of Christmas isn't it or am I wrong?  But anyhow, we took all the decors down today and  put them in the storage at the basement.
Mr. Burrito said that we shouldn't take them down yet because if Santa came by, he wouldn't leave any present anymore hahaha.  
We explained to him that  Santa will be watching again if he will be naughty or nice this year so that he could bring some present again next Christmas.
After  several but.. but.. but... he accepted the truth that the holiday is over hehehe.
Hope everyone is having a nice day today.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Some good things never seem to last. That is the case with the Christmas and New Year holidays. We must take down our Christmas decors and store them again for the future. It seems hard for a little boy like EJ to see the symbols of so much fun and laughter to be taken down and stored for the future. Your family is so blessed by the Lord and I hope and pray that it will stay that way for the whole year through. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. saya naman, just stopping by

  3. hhaaha...wawa naman si EJ....samin last week ko pa tinumba...hahaahah...dami kasing boxes dito sa sala namin.

  4. agree w/ kuya mel...we should savor the good things down to the last bite:)
    my youngest daughter does not like to put our xmas decors in the storage...panu na daw un ibang gifts na dp nakuha,nyahaha...

  5. Hello Manay, badaw ngunyan lang ako nakabisita kan blog site mo pati ang sakuyang blog dai ko n talaga naasikaso. busy na baya sa trabaho. Good to see you once again. God Bless! Have a wonderful new year!

  6. Nice family pics beside the Christmas tree! I tried commenting on your two other blogs yesterday, but for some reason, the comment page won't load. Happy New Year to you and your family, Rose!

  7. A dainty blog with some very pretty pictures..

  8. tama na EJ, next year ulit ahihi.. be nice ulit para dami ulit gift si Santa.. haha.
    naku, sige, umpisahan ko na rin iligpit Christmas Tree dito hihi. pero uso dito February pa eh.LOL

  9. nyahahaha..kakatuwa ka EJ...don't worry EJ, katabi mo lang palagi si Santa..hehehe

    Speaking of card Rose, wala pa...ganito talaga sa Davao, matagal makakarating ang mga cards, mails if christmas, i-check ko na lang sa P.O. namin...hehehe

    btw. yong akin nakakarating na rin ba? hehehe wag maingay...secret..hehe

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  11. Sa amin naman before mag New Year na down na ang x-mas tree namin--display naman ng new year decor dito.

    Thank You Very Much!!

    Happy 2011!!^_^

  12. tulung tulungan talaga taking the tree down huh hehe ako tinulungan ako ng dalawa kung dragon na walang ginawa kundi mamulot nga ball or icicle sa tree hehehe.

    Ang kulet ni mr. burito, parang hinihintay yata ang isang gift ni santa for him na hindi umabot hehehe

  13. hehe, your little boy is so funny :D

    ako din, need to keep the Christmas tree back to its storage, hehe. nakaka miss nga ang Christmas :)

    drop na lahat blogs ko dito..

    Live, Love, Blog
    All About Chloe and Zoe
    Marriage and Parenting

    Happy Weekend!

  14. The sixth January is Epiphany or the feast of the Three Kings.It is our tradition that after the 6th we should have removed all Christmas decorations.
    Thanks for your kind words on the flood in Australia.


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