Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finance Goal on 2011

Do you have a financial goal for 2011? We do! We want to pay off one of the remaining credit card balance that we have left last year. I came across a personal finance blog and read some  very informative articles at their site.  We recently transferred  the college savings of the kids  to a 529 so stumbling upon this site is  a great help as they have  good source of information on investment.


  1. ayay! kami din...dami bills...ehehhehe!

    a quick visit here sis...mwah! inaantok na ako...maaga kasi ako gumising kanina...d parin matapos tapos tong unpacking biz ko eh.

  2. Good that you have a financial plan for 2011. I hope you can pay off all the balance in your credit card and that you become very liquid this 2011. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. we dont have big credits, but this year we will be spending a big amount of money. So double kayod.
    I hope you can pay off ur credit card balance. kaya nyo yan, kayo pa.


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