Saturday, October 29, 2011


Wedding anniversary is always a joyous moment for a couple to celebrate. It reminds us of the very day that we said our vows. Whenever my husband and I celebrate our anniversary, I always feel nostalgic because my father wasn't there to celebrate with us anymore during our nuptial.  My eldest brother had to send me to the altar during that special day  but sadly my brother is now gone too.  Both my late father  and brother  reminds me of my wedding day.

On the lighter note, I want to share  to you the  simple gifts that hubby and I gave each other  for our anniversary.

I ordered this Magnetic Levitating Globe at Red Envelope   weeks before  our anniversary so hubby won't see it.  He always surprised me present so this time I told him not to get me anything so I could  make it up to him.
He like it and the kids like it too because  the globe  is floating and they find it very entertaining while  learning different countries.  We always wanted to buy a big globe when we were still in Korea but we never got the chance to get one  over there.  This one might be small but good enough for the kids to explore the  world.
I told hubby not to get me anything but  I was surprised when he handed me this wireless mouse.  He knows that I  was struggling with my old mouse so he got me this  cute one.  Now I don't have to deal with the wire and everything.  Thanks hon!
Speaking of being nostalgic, I have a meme called Nostalgia at my Nostalgic Marveling blog.  Your post could be anything that reminds you of a place, somebody, or something such as Old pictures, souvenir from friends, family, or place that you visited, Experience or story.   Join  me every Thursday.


  1. sorry for the mixed recollections.
    i can relate.
    but you seem to be in good spirits.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Yes, it is Roger. But I concentrate more on the positive and good memories rather than the negative ones.

  3. Aw ang sweet ng message ni Kuya John ate Rose., nakakilig., langgamin kayo., hehe. Nice one!

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  5. ang sweet nyo namang mag that magnetic globe sis...:)

  6. As I said to someone else who wrote about this: I thrive on nostalgia. My ABC Wednesday this week, Neil Armstrong, is more or less rooted in the present, but all too many of my other stories on my blog are just steeped in the stuff.

  7. It is very revealing what our wedding day memories bring back to us.
    Denise ABC Team

  8. How touching naman about you and John's gifts for each other. They were tokens of your undying love for each other. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. Nostalgia is bittersweet sometimes.
    Happy Anniversary:-)

  10. A great word for the letter N. And two lovely presents! I'm off to explore your other blog now....

  11. Ah, so sweet that he gave you just what you needed and wanted! Sometimes men just don't get it about what pleases a woman. Sorry about the mixed emotions you feel about your wedding anniversary...the same as my daughter since her father died when she was only 15 and missed graduation, her wedding, and the births of her 2 children. Have a wonderful week,

    abcw team

  12. sweetamz! i moved closer to my monitor to see if the globe is really levitating. my goodness, that is really cool! hubby would love to get one, hehehe will watch out in red envelope :)

  13. Nostalgia is a great word for N. The act of nostalgia takes us in so many directions, doesn't it.

  14. its always fun going down memory lane

    Pheno, ABCW

  15. I feel only nostalgic about nice places where I stayed.
    My husband never forgot our wedding day, lol ! I did, but this time I remembered too 42 years !!
    We ordered Sushis and watched TV. Isn't that romantic ?

  16. completing my first :)

    coming thru ABC Wednesday...

    My Third Eye


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