Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pre-Schooler at Home

Our son is suppose to go to pre-school this year but he wasn't ready yet so we did not force him. I am teaching him at home instead.  Last week was our first week and he did good so far.
We only have two hours   of  session on weekdays, from 10-12.    I picked that time because that's when he is very attentive.
We only did  four days last week but this week will be a five-day week full of  fun for the two of us.
I am  happy that he is showing interest in leaqrning compared to  last year when I tried to  teach him.  He can write his name already.  There are letters that he finds it hard to write but  I am sure that in  time, he will get it.
I have a pre-school  book that I bought in  Walmart and I am slowly introducing it to him.
I am so proud of you Mr. Burrito.
I will be very busy  from now on because of my pre-schooler at home.
This is him when he is getting tired, he would say "Can I take a break please?" Lol!
With patience, he will learn the things that  he need to  learn before going to kindergarten next year.  


  1. He is a cutie! I am sure he will be a star pupil. xo

  2. Great post. And thanks for introducing me to Orange Tuesday. Orange is my favorite color!

  3. i guess boys his age prefer to play than go to school.:p we have an aunt, my dad's sister, who taught us all to read and write before we started school. sobrang matyaga.:p

  4. Way to go EJ!You can do it!!^_^

  5. wow, very good.. at ang ganda na ng sulat niya sis.. keep it up!

  6. he's so handsome sis!

    here is my mellow yellow share, i hope u can also visit my blogs!

  7. kids like him surely have very small tolerance for patience. great that ur there to guide him all along.

    naiinlove ako sa color ng mata ni mr. burrito.

  8. I'm doing the same thing with my son but only an hour each day from Monday-Friday. I haven't set a time like you did, which I should so we have a better schedule. I'm glad your son is doing well. I got that same pre-school work book from Walmart too. Best wishes!

  9. Your son prints quite well. You should be proud.

    Love your blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose

  10. wohoo! ang galing ni EJ...bilis matuto...way to go big guy!

  11. wow! galing ah! ang linis mag sulat hehe.. ang ganda rin ng mga eyes ni EJ..parang nka contact lens lol.

  12. I'm sure Mr. Burrito will learn a lot.

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  13. I think you are very smart to teach your son this way, rather than to force him into a classroom when he isn't ready. It will be a good experience for both of yoou - as long as you follow some sort of a schedule and it is like an educational experience. Good luck, mama. It will be a learning experience for you as well.

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    I wish you a great week ahead!

  14. So its like home schooling EJ, rose? Do you have to register to a certain org that you home schooled your son for his pre-school? or you just did this alone for him? I also want to know what's his age. I wish to do same way for George. Boys they say are slow learners but I don't know...good luck and instill fun things when you teach EJ. He will enjoy it.

  15. Children want to learn about everything, and school learning too. You are helping him to print so nicely, and he is happy for your instruction. He earned your praise as he is a good student, ready to learn. This is wonderful, he learns and you are helping. I only wish that other parents would take the same time for theirs...

  16. Thanks Ralph, that's one of my main goal for this year, to prep my son in going to kindergarten next year. There's nothing compared to the attention that parents can give to their kids. I do wish the same.

  17. ELdon jennings pala yan si EJ.. ngayon ko lang nalaman Rose hehehe.. so cute... pasok kana EJ mas masaya sa big school.... :) dropping for RT Rose..

    Ruby Tuesday here

  18. Sis Mel, EJ is 4 1/2 y/o, I tried teaching him last year but he wasn't ready yet so I did not force him. Now that my daughter goes to school and I can focus my attention just for him, he is doing good. I guess, he was a little bit inferior when his sister is looking.

    You do not have to register to any org sis because pre-school is not really required in school curriculum. You have to register if you are home schooling your kids from kindergarten and up.

  19. You are very patient and persistent in teaching your kids the basics of education before they go to formal schooling. I'm sure in due time EJ will learn all his lessons that you teach him. Then just like Rylie you can enroll him in kindergarten when his time comes. EJ looks more like John and is so American in his features while Rylie took more on you. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  20. hanks Kuya Mel, that's the best I could do for them.

  21. I agree with you. It's not a good idea to rush the little guys when they're not ready. He'll feel a whole lot better about it next year when he's prepared.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  22. Wow galing ni EJ buti hindi umiiyak..hehe. Confused lang ako Ate Rose., may middle name ba mga burritos mo.. I mean gingamit ba nila maiden name mo? Walang middle name sa Western world atin meron eh..

  23. I'm so glad that you have the patience and love to teach your son at home for a while. School will come all too soon--and you will treasure the days you spent as his tutor!


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  24. Ang galing naman ni Mommy Magturo, kudos Mommy Rose mien is up I hope you can visit thanks SAHM’s Online Diary

  25. Wow galing naman parang naka align na ang pagsulat nya. Kyla kasi minsan wala sa line. Keep it up mr. burrito.

  26. Good job EJ, and kudos to Mommy here's my entry for BM Points of View and Thoughts, thanks

  27. You're a good mom with lots of patience.

  28. what a good looking boy your son is Sis, what a patient teacher, visiting from MYM, hope you can visit my entry here too

    Have a wonderful weekend,


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