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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Bible School 2011

We are so glad that our son, Mr. Burrito, has joined the Vacation Bible School this year. He wasn't up for it last year. Today is the third day and he is enjoying it although he hesitated to go this morning but I encouraged him to go anyway.

The photos below was taken during the  first day  (Monday).
We just walked them down there as we live close by the school.
As soon as he entered the school facilities, Mr. Burrito was okay.
They are wearing the bandana that was given to them.
Ms. Burrito was so excited and happy to see her  friends from school.
We  arrived early so we  got to register first.
I really like the close knit  community atmosphere of  my daughter's school.


  1. Love VBS. Got my first teaching gig in one. Hope the burritos have lots of fun and learn much!

  2. I can see that they love their vacation bible school. Look at their smiles, priceless.
    Visiting again, Tokaya. God bless!

  3. Que lindas fotos! Seus filhos são lindos, e escola bíblica de férias é marcante para as crianças. Minhas filhas lembram até hoje. Obrigada pelo seu comentário no meu blog.

  4. Happy to hear that they're enjoying VB~sana meron ding ganyan dito sa Japan..

  5. Great that Rylie's school is only a walking distance from your place. And it's wonderful that both Rylie and EJ have joined this year's Vacation Bible school at Rylie's school. Her classmates seemed to be excited to see her. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. HI Rose, wow, so nice naman no kasi lapit lang yung mga pupuntahan nyo parang ang luwang luwang pa diyan sa area nyo.. makahanap nga ng bakanteng bahay diyan.. hahahaha... (akala mu sa ibang barrio regards to Ry.

  7. Kids love going to VBS! do you send your kids to AWANA too?

    Tess at life is beautiful

  8. wow that's great! learning bible and meeting new friends would be a wonderful experience for your two kids.

  9. saya-saya naman...pede pasama si Akesh...ehehehe...lapit lang kayo sis need to drive na.

  10. kiddos sure looked they all were having fun. Galing naman that it's just nearby, Rose. I love the shot of Rylie smiling for the cam with her friends ;-)

  11. Everyone looks nice. Visiting from PF. Here is our share:

    Hope you can join us at Messy Go Round. Thanks a lot!

  12. Wow, good boy Mr. burrito :-) That is nice Rose that you found a group like that in your community. It is good to increase the fun and religious views of the kiddos.

  13. great job. to allow your children into this kind of activity.

    - Happy a Blessed Monday from Life Moto

  14. so mr burrito is now ready socializing...that must be start, rose. hooray for him:)

  15. Looks like si Rye marami nang kilala. The little boy is doing good na, may handkerchief pa sila ^_^

    Spider Web

  16. VBS are really fun for kids!

  17. I wonder what church hosts the VBS in your place?


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