Monday, April 18, 2011

Jumping Men

The men of our home had so much fun jumping at the trampoline last weekend.
Mr. Burrito was showing different tricks to his Dad.
My husband did not really want to get in the trampoline because of his weight but since Mr. Burrito begged him, he  did it for a short time with him.
I am glad I chose this product to buy, this would be a lot of use to the kids this summer.
Right now, our temperature dropped down again so it's cold over here.
We laso have rainy days for the past couple of days.
It is so  nice to watch  my husband and children play together.
"Here's how you do it Dad" he always says!
Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Thanks for dropping by folks. We will be busy outside..

  2. ang cute ng mag-ama na naglalaro, at mukhang napagod na ang daddy at humiga na nyahaha.

  3. Oh yes Sweetie.. We have had one here for yrs now and our boys have spent LOTS of time on it.. Even in the winter if we'd let them.. And we're in Iowa..
    This is our 2nd trampoline now.. They used up the 1st one a few yrs ago...
    And Praise God,,, as of yet, No broken bones!!!!
    May you know the Blessings from God above, all His Promises and un~ending, unconditional LOVE~~~
    Hugs and Prayers Dena

  4. nice bonding na din =)

    here again heheheh...

    thanks =)

  5. Hiningal na ata si Kuya John, hehe. Secure yang nabili mo Ate okay nga, mostly kasi yong trampoline na nakikita ko eh walang net kaya tumatalbog palabas ang mga bata at matanda, lol.

  6. oo nga kasi yung amin nun rose walang kasamang net as in bukil jud... unfortunately it was ginat-ngat ng aso.. kasi yung material made in china bwahahaha. as in sama ang loob ko death... I never buy na one mahal pa naman... heheh..

  7. We had a trampoline when my kids were young. They were on it all the time. Their friends also loved it. Good job with the pictures. Nice to see the bonding going on.

  8. thanks for dropping by my blog today, Chubs.

    great pictures of your mag-ama there, quality time with daddy and son is precious!

  9. Really nice father-son bonding! :D

  10. ang cute naman ng bonding. saya saya nila. visiting u back sis!

    visiting you from here:

  11. "Here's how you do it!"---that's the most frequent thing they say to adults trying to look and do it much better than adults. niece would say, " You're not doing it right Tita, this is how you do it."

  12. Hi Rose,

    How fun! They are so cute on that trampoline ... I'm so glad that you got the side guards for it.

    I enjoyed your post below too.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Kathy M.

  13. What fun, loved that trampoline :)

  14. nice pictures..looks like a lot of fun happening out there. :)

  15. Great fun, if you are careful with it! :)

  16. Looks like fun! It's always good to see a father and son play together.

  17. Yay! I loved it. Oh, hoping Hubby and I can have a baby soon. Thanks for dropping in "MY BLOG".

  18. looks like the men in your life are having a great time.

    thank you for visiting my ruby tuesday entry. have a great one.

  19. aww, its so heartwarming to see Dads playing with their kids ;-) but am afraid na sa bubong ako pulutin sa trampoline, he he

  20. Playing with children is fun...
    Thanks for visiting my page.

  21. wheeee! ang saya2x nila. ganda ng bonding time nila.

  22. Father and son having fun on the trampoline! Lovely!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy day****

  23. Very sweet photos!

    Thanks for visiting :)

  24. Wow, you have your own trampoline at home. Father and son bonding!


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