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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playdoh Cookies

Two sets of our burrito's playdoh are already hardening up due to excessive air exposure so before it totally gets hard, we decided to mold them into playdoh cookies last Friday.
It's fun for all the three of us because Mr. Burrito was a great help in kneading the dough and Ms. Burrito was in charge of baking it in her "oven". 
I never had these stuff during my childhood so playing with them, I felt like a big kid hahaha.
Here are some of the "cookies" we've made.
We used the empty cookie cans to put all of them.
Now whenever Ms. Burrito wants to "host" a tea party, she has something to serve for a "snack".  So don't let your  playdoh hardened up, make something out of it.


  1. Wow, that's really nice. By the way sis, i'm having a birthday giveaway this february and i'm looking for some sponsors. Hope you can pledge. thanks in advance

  2. Wow busy masyado ang mga burritos.. dropping by quick Rose... need to go to the doc..
    MYM Here

  3. awwwww...ang ko cute naman nitong mga burritos mo sis....:) pede join si Akesh? heheheh!

    a quick visit here badingding before hitting the sack...bukas na ako mag blog hop...alang powers...salamat sa dalaw....:)

    musta ang weekend nyo ni tsang? mwah! nighty night!

  4. Mr. & Ms. Burrito look like they are having lots of fun!

  5. The kids surely love this pasttime. Exciting MYM for you.

  6. Masarap naman talagang makipaglaro sa mga bata. Parang nagiging bata ka rin, hehehe. In fairness, ang gaganda nang mga "cookies" na ginawa nyong magiina, hehehe. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  7. It's a cute idea to use the cookie tin for storage.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  8. loved it when my children played with play dough we would make many scents and have great fun

  9. very busy naman and i love the finish product so cutie :)

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  10. Hi Rose,

    Those turned out really pretty!
    Have a great week,


  11. Galing naman may playdooh din ako ko pero nagbored two times lang naglaro tapos wala na. happy blue Monday.

    mine is here

  12. Such cuties. Sounds like a great activity.

  13. Very cute cookies. Miss those days. Happy Blue Monday and many Blessings, Debbie

  14. Lots of nice blue in your post. The kids look like they're having a great time! Happy Blue Monday and thanks for stopping by my post. By the way, how do you create a link in a comment. Do you do it in Word program and cut and paste it in a comment box?

  15. They sure look like they are having fun. I love playing with play dough as much as my Grands do...guess you never get to old to play.
    Cute idea with the cookies and the can.

  16. Wow, ang saya naman. I like the "cookies" they made.

  17. I love playdoh, store bought and home made. One of the best birthdays my older daughter (Emma) ever had was at our local museum. The kids had a little sculpture workshop, making clay bowls & figurines to take home. For the goody bags, I made different colors of homemade playdoh, put them in a few different zip log bags, and placed them in white paper lunch sacks. I added other little treats, folded over the top, and punched two holes. I threaded different colors of gingham ribbon, added a cute cookie cutter, tied a bow, and wrote the each guest's name on a different bag. Very memorable! Love your playdoh pics!

  18. Beautiful ones mommy Rose.. I am excited to experience the same thing with my kid, one day soon. Hehe! Excited, eh! ;) Thanks for sharing mommyRose!

    And thanks for visiting my BM entry: CSJ Blue Monday: Pens, Etc.

    Here's my Mellow Yellow Monday: Yellow Mangoes too.

    Cheers! ;)

  19. Creative talaga mga burritos mo sis.


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