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Friday, February 18, 2011

Rock, Weather , and Hearing Test

When Ms. Burrito came home yesterday, I asked her if she has any homework or assignment and she said none. Well, this morning when she was giving me a kiss and hug and getting ready to go, she remembered that she promised her science teacher that she will bring her rock collection to show to the class.  So I hurried up and gathered these rocks which I used as decorative stones for my bamboo plant.  I guess, I have to get used to surprises like this as  she goes lol.
The weather was warm so I took Mr. Burrito with me when I fetched Ms. Burrito after school.
The only thing of having these two together is that, they want to pick  every twigs of the trees they see  lol.
I let them play outside for some time after school because they miss being outside.   Even little hyper Champ was so happy playing with them.
Since all the snow has melted, the ground is wet and a little muddy.  When they came in, I did not inspect their shoes and they made a big mess in the carpet wahhh.
Another concern I have when she gets home is the hearing test that was undertaken  in their school today.  Her left ear did not pass the test so we have to make an appointment to an audiologist to do it.  I am worried   but I am praying that it wasn't serious.  

I am glad though that schools here in the States perform these kinds of tests as they catch problems.  We don't have those kind of tests in the Philippines during our time, I am not sure  about now  though.


  1. Wala pa ring test sa mga schools dito, hehehe. Bahala ka na kung me hearing or seeing impairment ka. Makakalimutin din pala si Rylie. Halatang sabik na sabik ang dalawang anak mo na maglaro sa yard ninyo. Kasama pa nila si Champ, hehehe. Iniipon ni Rylie at EJ ang lahat nang makita nilang twigs. Baka balak nilang gumawa nang sarili nilang Christmas tree, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Meron ding ganyang tests dito sa school sa Japan--sa hearing,pati sa mata,as in general check up,ginagawa naman yun before start ng class.

  3. Hi Clang, dito regularly ang check up. ou have to pass it before you start school then the school provide their own I think it is every other three months.

  4. I forgot to take the dragons outside today too, bukas nalang. buti naman loumabas din si haring araw

  5. ihanda mo na sarili mo Rose sa mga homeworks kasi ganyan talga siguro mga janjan at jason, ganon din..nagsasabi pag papasok na waaaaaaa

    oi walang test test na ganyan dito hanggang ngayon...bahala ka kung puno na ng putakte tenga mo, wlang paki alam ang school nyahahaha

    sorry now lang naka visit kasi nasira yong puter ko waaaaaaaa

  6. Maybe it was the dog who tracked in dirt on your carpet?

    Hope her hearing tests out well. Very good to catch any problem early.

  7. I hope all goes well with the hearing test. It is nice for them to be able to play outside again. But watch those muddy shoes.

  8. I enjoy visiting your blog as well as your husband blog too, you both are a nice looking couple with great looking kids and I like to wish your hubby a nice birthday as well.

    E is for Eyes was also a good choice for a last moment posting. lol

    Thank you for visiting my blog and I too is now a follower...I will put a link from my second blog "Rosy Photos and more" to this blog of yours.

  9. I also wish your child well with the next hearing test too.

  10. Sinabi mo pa, Rose. Walang ganyang tests dito. I am sure all will be fine for the lovely little charmer.


  11. my girls had their ears checked when they were born. and they are like your children,they also love to pick up twigs ;)

  12. Hi Mayet, my burritos were also checked when they were born. My daughter has undergone three tests already since she started school this year and the last time , I don't know what happen..

  13. I hope the hearing test finds that there really is no problem with your daughter's ear. Your children are too cute to bring in mud -- it must have been the dog.

  14. wa jud.. bahala bingi ka.. lol.. wala ng snow? cute.. dropping by.. ngayon lang gone crazy with offline scheds..

  15. naku wala pa rin dito sa pnas alam mo naman dito :(

  16. Hay naku, sis. Schools here still do not conduct hearing tests for students. Hindi S.O.P.

    Buti pa diyan. Kasi hearing is important. It's what affects a child's attention to school instructions and, ultimately, absorption of lessons.

    You are so lucky that they found out about Rylie's left ear. This way, you can have her checked by a specialist before it's too late.

    Don't worry, everything will be okay. Will join you in prayer, sis.

    - Mia

  17. hope burritos ear is okay..

    daan lang..


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