Friday, December 3, 2010

Mass Readings

Hello everyone, howdy? I feel like I am floating at the moment. I woke up at 3 am last night and I couldn't go back to sleep. I was worried sick of the event that my daughter has in school today.

The school has mass every Thursday at St. Joseph church which is located adjacent to the school. I like the idea of letting the kids attend mass once a week.  The kindergartner are once again put in the spotlight today.  They did the readings and some presentation.  Here they are lined up, they carried candles as they march  going in front of the altar.
The student choir did great singing every songs.
I was a little far from the procession aisle so the photo below was a little hazy when I zoomed the camera.
They have to go in front t sing a song at the end of the mass.
I took a couple of shots after the mass and before EJ and I headed home.
My little burrito  was getting impatient and keep asking "Is it almost over?"
The church is just 5-7 minute walk from our home so we just walked.
I was focused on recording my daughter that I failed to shift my camera to the kids that she is referring on the paper she is reading.  Oh I am glad that  my daughter is confident and that she  doesn't have stage fright like me.  

Here's the song they sung  at the end of the mass.

Do you feel anxious everytime your kids has to do something?  I do!and I hate it, I am the one that get nervous lol.  Thank you all for visiting and for leaving your thoughts.


  1. Haaay naku, natatawa ako sa iyo Rose. Mas kinakabahan ka pa kaysa kay Rylie sa program nang school nila sa church. Halos hindi ka nakatulog sa excitement. Pero very successful naman ang participation ni Rylie at kaeskwela niya sa church program nang school nila. Mas buo ang loob ni Rylie sa iyo pag dating sa stage presence, hahaha, lol. At yung nino bonito mo naman ay laging inip na inip sa paghihintay matapos nang church program. Ang kapal na pala nang yelo sa labas nang simbahan. Full blown winter na pala sa inyo. Ingat lang kayo palagi sa extreme winter conditions. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. ur lil man is cute walking in the snow LOL, like a big man!!

  3. love EJ on the snow he's so cute.. o ayan it's over na EJ.. uwian na..hahaha...

  4. Nababaitan talaga ako ky Rye bading pati si joe nababaitan sa kanya. Galing ng pagpapalaki ng nanay at daddy ehhehehe. Daming snow sa inyo ahh dito hindi masyado

  5. chase our #4 grandson is in kindergarten this year and attends a wonderful private Catholic school.

    They too have mass once a week and also a special assembly where a handful of from each class level... are chosen to share what they are grateful for!!

    I was there when he was chosen in September and oh my it was all I could do to keep from crying.

    So I know just how very special this was for you!! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us...I love it!!

    Happy day and hugs,

  6. Hinay hinay lang Mommy Rose ang puso mo...hehe, wala pa akong anak kaya nothing to share. Ako my nervous din pero kapag nasa stage na eh kapal muks na ...nyaaah.

  7. i think it's one of the qualities of being a mother, to be afraid for their children, but your daughter did well, i think she got her confidence to her father LOL

  8. Hi Jacky, you must be a very proud grandma!

  9. Of course we all are concerned for our children as they start to do bigger kid things. We hope for no mishaps even though we know that even a little failure is how they (ad we) learn. And it's not just young children - we feel the same way even as they are in college and grown. We love their successes still...

    The children performed wonderfully!

  10. nainip na si EJ. hihi.. parang naimagine ko gano kainip pero smile naman na pag uwi.. naku ganyan talaga, kaka nerbyos.

  11. How are things over the BIG apple systah?

    Sus! dagku na jud ang mga kiddos. Loving to see them growing. Nervous is just a part of being a parent when their children do something. Good or bad. Your just started, systah... been there than that.

    Fortunately, I am so blessed with a very behave kiddos. My eldest is 25 yrs old na but never smoke nor outing on week-ends, as well as the youngest, she's 18 yrs old. So, be there whenever. Di jud ka katulog if one of them is out.

    The huge crufix is really fabulous.

    Na sya, para na naman akong si Ate Helen, hane?

    Hugs to all...

  12. The kids look sweet. You are such a good mom.

  13. awesome! proud na proud ako kay Rye...bongga naman tong dalaga mo badingding...she is so natural....:)

  14. nyahahahaha..kakatuwa si EJ, nainip hahaha

    sayang di ko mapakinggan songs nila kasi di kya ng IC ko...waaaaa

    kakatuwa ka naman Rose, sanayin mo na ksi sarili mo na mga anak mo may mga aakyat talaga sila ng stage hahahah


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