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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bed Hair

You can tell how addicted I am in blogging because after I   cook breakfast, feed the hungry tummies, and the students were out, I immediately jumped in my computer chair.   My ornery burrito love to take picture of me with bed hair wahhh..


  1. hehehe, same here. Minsan nga, when i found out its 3:PM already, My hair is still not fixed. Waaa. Maka-addict talaga ang blogging. hehehe. You're beautiful naman Rose.

  2. Well, bad hair or not, you're still beautiful so there is no cause for any worry. Intact pa rin yung image mo, hehehe, lol. It really takes a lot of dedication to still take time to blog in spite of the many loads and chores you attend to at home. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. maganda ka pa rin kahit bed hair pa

  4. ahaha. in fairness sa bed hair mo, sexy pa rin dating.. so natural. yan ang pinay beauty, pagising maganda. :)

  5. hehehe ganyan talaga pag certified blogadik na, hindi na nag susuklay parang ako waaaaa

  6. tama si teNora...ehehhee! sexy parin kahit walang!


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