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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wellness Check Up

Our kids had their wellness checkup last Friday. They also had series of vaccination shots. EJ got three shots and Rylie is suppose to have 5 but we told them to just give her three and the two other ones ion the other time. It's funny that she is tough when it comes to injection and stuff but not our son, he always cry.
She did god in the eye sight and hearing tests. EJ had a hard time following instructions during the hearing test. And while waiting for the shots, Rylie relaxed herself by posing in front of the camera.
Here's the video of her hearing test.
Thanks for visiting friends and for leaving your trail, have a good day! We are going to pick some plums at my friend Raquel's backyard, yum!


  1. galing mag-pose! mana ba syo manay?

  2. Good Job rye, advance yata to si rylie palagi, tiong EJ at jaker natin parang mahihirapan tayo bakla to stay in one place, like they say boys will always be boys. But EJ is a smart kid, and funny cute too.

  3. Your children are so adorable and what a neat little video. Thanks for stopping by my Today's Flowers post. The plant you asked about is called a Rattlesnake Master. You can find some information about it here:
    Have a great week.
    An English Girl Rambles

  4. Rylie did a great job on her hearing test--buti na lang at wala cyang hearing problems.Nice video sharing,Ate Rose^_^

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  6. wow ha! ang tapang pala ni Rye ha ha...noong maliit pa ako Rose, pag may vaccination sa school...di ako papasok waaaaaa hahahaha...takot ako eh! nyahahaha...

    ganda talaga ni Rye mo Rose, kakagigil...pang modelo ang dating...

    hahaha natawa ako EJ sa video haha.."stay there" daw hahahaha

  7. It's great that you bring your children to the wellness clinic for their check ups and shots. That will give them immunity on certain diseases. Did they already receive their A(H1N1)shots? Rylie sure knows how to pose in front of the camera. She's a born model, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. It is always hard on the little ones going to check ups. Looks like they did a good job.

  9. Both so cute. Hugs to the whole family!

  10. good and they are both healthy, kakatuwa nmn c Rylie, laging ready sa camera, bka balak mag-artista, magiging stage mother ka

  11. galing galing....she's pretty smart badingding...ehehhe! her hair is getting long....:)

  12. aba ang galing magpose ni rye! nice, she's comfortable with the camera..
    wow, plums, plums naman.. inggit na ko.. :)


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