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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I cooked the last pack of pancit yesterday. I used the left over steak that we bought from the chinese resto for the sahog, added some veggies and oala, instant yummy noodles dish na. I love cooking pancit because all of us eats it, my kids and husband love and so am I.


  1. wow sis..nakakatakam...may natira pa ba? ano gamit mong pancit..punta kami sa Asian store this weekend...I would like to know kung ano gamit mo....want to make pancit...ehehhe!

  2. I love Pancit too, all types actually and I already converted my three boys to eat it.:)
    Happy Friday!
    Food Trip Friday

  3. I will also make pancit tomorrow Manang Kow.. I have a leftover roasted chicken here two days ago in ref, I will make it as "sahog" tomorrow.. and will try buy some eggs kasi naubos na kanina.. :-( anyhow, happy FTF Manang Rose.. ~hugs~

    My FTF

  4. Hi Rose! Sarap naman nyan hehehe...

    Thanks sa info ha.. deleted it na... hahahaha... curious lang ako kaya pa sali-sali effect hehehe..

    thanks ulit..

  5. Hi Rose, that's is a sarap ha! Am a pancit person i could eat that e time a day and even snacks. Basta long life, i so love it! hehehe

    I love lots of veggies in it, too!


  6. Yehey - pansit! I am such a pansit lover as well and I love cooking them every week. Lucky for me, the husband doesn't complain hehehe.

    We Ate This!

  7. This is what I like about FTF, a lot of dishes to look at. I'll settled with pictures para hindi tumaba...:). Thanks for stopping by. Lovely presentation.

  8. walang nasasayang--steak today, pansit sahog tomorrow.:p

  9. I am always in awe when people create something out of some leftovers and this looks YUM. I love this kind of pancit...and now I'm craving for some.

    Mine is up at my other site - Beyond You

  10. I love your pancit bakla, daming meat at vegies. Layo ng FTF bo bading haba ng nilakad ko lol.

  11. wow! nagustuhan ni daddy john ang pansit? ang sarap nyan ha.. may egg pa.. ma pang garnish nga din ang egg next time.. hehe..

  12. love pancit. This surely looks yummy.

  13. am good ate he he was here meron pba tagal na din ako di nkapag pancit parang gusto ko mag pancit kaso ala ako noodle ngayun busy c hubby di kami mkapunta sa asian store hmmmp...

  14. di ako nkain dati ng canton aba ngayun nasasarapan na ako puro bihon lang gusto ko... ngayun takaw na nyan canton...


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