Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Things are Treasures

My sister-in-law drove by our house and left her cards for my kids on the night of the 13th. Thanks Chris, you are the sweetest Valentine's fairy there is.
When we went to the mall last Saturday, my husband kept asking me what do I want for Valentine's day even if I already told him a gazillion times that I don't need anything. He even stopped by at Victoria's Secret but again I insisted not to get me any. For me a card is more than enough!
Here's the message:
We've shared a lot of happiness,
We've seen dreams come true,
And every now and then
we've had our share of worries, too...
But everyday our love has grown
Still deeper than before,
And with each passing year
I know I'll love you even more
I will always love you Hon forever and ever.
See simple things are the best treasure there is!


  1. simple things can be great because it makes you really happy. Belated Happy Valentines Day Girl

  2. Buti nga ikaw merong card sa VD--it is the sweetest for me!^_^

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband!!

    Hello there,Ate Rose!!Nagkaroon din ako ng time para makabisita--I miss my regular blog hopping and joining memes(T_T)

  3. huhuhuhuhu...nakakaiyak yung message sa card sis...touch na touch sweet naman ni jowa mo!

    woi ang cute kaya ng mga cards...bait naman ni SIL!

    kami din sis we had a simple celebration...pero samin those are treasures din...we don't need to have a fancy dinner or get a mamahaling present diba?!

    thanks for sharing manang ko....miss you! daan me muna dito..maaga ako today kasi 4 days na akong d nag blog hop eh....weeeeee...dami ko na utang sa mga ka tropa!

    sensya na po at di ko na isama yung souvenir....lukarit kasi ako....d bale..papadala ko to one of these days....hehhehe! ulilanin eh...ehheeh!

    catch you hop muna ako while the little one is!

  4. Very sweet family, belated happy Valentines bading.

  5. Sweet! Yes, simple things are the best!

  6. that is so sweet of John at very touching yung message :-); you are such a lucky wife..Rose...

  7. Thanks for dropping by my Outdoor Wednesday and commenting.
    I agree, a card is enough. It is the thought and the care of the day to day that brings us joy.
    Mama Bear

  8. Nakakatouch naman yung dedication ni John sa iyo. Tama ka sa pag insist na hindi material gift ang gusto mo kundi dedication na nanggagaling sa puso. Maka GMA 7 ka pala, kapuso, hahaha, lol. Matindi talaga ang kamandag nang mga Pinay kaya haling na haling ang mga hubby nila katulad nang asawa ni Kathy, lol. Padalhan mo nga nang gayuma si Shy para tumino yung hubby niya sa kanya, hehehe, lol. Joke lang Shy, walang pikunan. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  9. hay..ang sweet ni hubby mo Rose...agree ako jan, mas simple, mas bongga especially card na ang messages ay nasa cloud 9 ka...

    Belated HVD Rose..hehe

  10. Wgat a cute photo, it looks like is blowing hearts like kisses!
    I lvoe it.


  11. hi Chubskulit, greetings to u.. it is the thought that counts! :)
    btw, i wrote u an email.. can u please look into it? thank u...

  12. Love the sentiment of the card! And Ratatouille too! :)

  13. How sweet! I agree 100%! Wives are not really after big material things. Just letting them know that they are loved and appreciated is more than enough. Di ba, Rose?!
    Water that love and allow it grow much much bigger!


  14. a picture from a movie MY SASSY GIRL. My favorite movie ever!!! Like the story you also did, just a bit similarity. :)

  15. I miss cards, nalimutan na ata ng panahon. Email na kasi ngayon.. hai.. sana may magbigay pa sakin nyan..

  16. I miss cards, nalimutan na ata ng panahon. Email na kasi ngayon.. hai.. sana may magbigay pa sakin nyan..

  17. Simple things are the best things in life sabi nga nila & i agree.So sweet of your SIL & hubby Mare.Cute ng cards.:D

  18. Wow! Ang sweetness nyo naman to the max!! ;-)

  19. Ang sweet!!! Na kaka touch yung message( But everyday our love has grown Still deeper than before,And with each passing year I know I'll love you even more) Aww kaka kilig ang cheesy!!


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