Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Cold!

We tried to go for a night time walk but EJ did not take it very well. He said "I'm Cold" after just a couple of yards so hubby took him home and Rylie, Champ and I went on.

Champ don't mind walking in a freezing night, he love playing in the snow. It's funny to see that when he run in the snow, all you could see is his head lol.
Just a quick update here folks, I gotta go back to my job "unpacking". Oh before I forgot to mention, I really enjoyed all the Digital Photo Cards that we have received last holiday season so thanks everyone for sending us beautiful and personalized cards. It is so good received those stuff, it makes you feel especial hehehe. Hopefully we could make ours this year for the next holiday when we have an ample time to do things. Have a nice day everyone.


  1. Thanks for sharing...

    have a nice packing day too...

  2. Ako rin giniginaw sa walk ninyo bading, hanggang backyard lng ako.

  3. I am sure super cold iyan Rose. I've been to a place who snowed and it is really grrrrr......chilly. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kawawa naman si Ej, giniginaw kaya kailangang iuwi agad, lol. Buti pa si Champ, nagta thrive sa malamig na panahon. Nakapag adjust ka na rin ba Rose sa lamig dyan? Pa embrace ka lang palagi kay John para warm ka palagi at very cozy pa ang feeling, lol. Salamat sa mga interesting anecdotes nang buhay nyo dyan. Parang pelikula na nasusubaybayan namin dahil sa magagandang post at photos mo. Salamat sa post. God bless you all always.

  5. wow, sobrang lamig sis. mabuti sanay mga bagets mo especially ej enjoy talaga niya ang snow ano. :)

    happy weekend, sis! :)

  6. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. It reminds me of when we were still in Michigan and all the snow around. :)

  7. Weeee..been said that this season is the coldest in almost 15 am freezing everyday! hehe.

    have a great weekend sis!

  8. woi ako din...I don't like to walk when it is freezing cold outside...ehhehehe!

    musta na manang ko....miss yah....mwah!

  9. hello Rose! thanks for sharing the photos! love the photos... cool and cold!!!

    happy Sunday!!!


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