Saturday, January 9, 2010

Done Arranging our Home office

Wohoooo, I just got done arranging our home office and I am so relieved because it is giving me a migraine looking at the mess already. since my father -in-law gave his computer unit to us, hubby hooked up the one we have at our bedroom so he could use it for his schooling and other stuff and I could use this one (Alone lol). We bought a wireless router to make the internet work at the bedroom without hooking up cable. This thing rocks, now bought hubby and I could work as a team hehehe. Maybe a team management software would make it so much better lol.
I feel a lot better now because after I got done with our office stuff, I cleaned up the basement and put most of the toys down there. I get so tired seeing all the toys scattered here in the living room so I limit what they can play in here, I just retain the books and other educational stuff. Hubby also torn out the boxes and got ut ready for trash pick up day. He tried to just put it out there the other day without proper disposal but the garbage truck just ignored it. Then he research about it online and saw what is the proper thing to do.


  1. gosh ang bilis naman....galing talaga naman kong ako yan aj aabutan nang siam siam bago matapos....hehehe

    have a good weekend Rose....!

  2. Wow bait ng FIl mo bakla, now you two have computer each, awwww inggit ako lol. Nicely done arranging your office bakla hala pahinga muna beauty mo.

  3. super bait naman talaga si FIL...:) koreknesss sis...the wireless router really is very convenient....dati kasi dami cable wires...ehehhe!

    musta na sis? sensya na ngayon lang me naka dalaw dito...silip lang me before going to the Filipino store..we have to change money....:)

    sige catch you lateh....mwah!

    have a great weekend you guys....:)

  4. Ang ganda nang home office nyo, very neat and dainty. Wala nang clutters katulad nang toys na nakakalat sa paligid, lol. Mukhang disiplinado mo talaga ang dalawang chikiting mo kaya naibaba mo sa basement ang karamihan sa toys nila. Wow, me tig isang computer kayo ni John kaya pwede kayong mag computer na sabay hindi katulad ko na sa madaling araw lang nakakasingit sa mga adik sa computer kong mga anak, lol. Pati yung bunso kong babae eh adik na rin sa online games lalo na yung nasa Facebook, lol. I hope and pray that John and Rylie will be successful in their respective incoming studies and that you will succeed in whatever ventures you will make. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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