Friday, November 26, 2010


November 15 - 19 was the celebration of CAtholic School Awareness Week.   They celebrated it through showing their SPIRIT and LOVE for their  school by having a "Spirit Week" filled with different ways for both teachers and students  to show their  charisma and excitement! 
Our Weekend Memoirs
MONDAY was a  SILLY SOCK DAY - They wore  silly, unmatched socks with their school uniform, it was  just plain silly.
TUESDAY was a  CRAZY HAIR/HAT DAY - Since St. Joe's is no ordinary school, they show their  craziest hair or funniest hat.   Some students  colored their hair  and some wore big hats.  I braided Rylie's hair the night before and brushed it up  in the morning.
WEDNESDAY - WE ARE THE BEST!! - Showed that they are the best by dressing to IMPRESS! They wore their  Sunday's  best which means that  no jeans or sweatpants. They stepped out on their finest!!!
THURSDAY - BOX TOPS -  to show that they are at the top of the list of "Best Schools".   They brought all the box tops labels they have  collected.  Each class has a goal of 35 pieces  but Rylie  brought 51 pieces alone.  Thanks for the contribution of Jen, Chris, and Dad  in clipping and collecting their box tops labels.

FRIDAY - SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY - Go all out in their  favorite St. Joseph apparel. Free Dress ... Rylie worn her  school hoodie, it's a bit big  for her but that's the smallest size we can get.  She can't even wear the sweatpants that matches the  hoodie.  She didn't want to wear this, she said that it's not fashionable lol..

Have a happy Thanksgiving day celebration everyone!


  1. Thanks for visiting. Will return your visits sometime tonight, will do some shopping today.


  2. My pagkakikay din si Rylie...I like her first photo..cute and angelic..

    Enjoy your shopping Ateh and Ingatz! ^_^

  3. That was really a week filled with fun, wackiness and surprises for everyone. Rylie was an impressive participant through it all. She dressed really well in her best Sunday outfit. And she was able to give the most boxtops among her classmates. What a dream week it turned out to be. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Those are so cute! Sounds like Rylie goes to a really fun school. :)
    Spinning Lovely Days

  5. lalong gumaganda si Rye ano. bait na bata talaga.

  6. What a cutie patootie and so photogenic!

  7. hi mareng Rose!
    it's nice that children in their school have activities like this.

    eto ok medyo busy these last few weekends ng pregnancy ko. umatend kami ng classes sa hospital. then prenatals weekly na.
    then mag-rerelax na in the next days to prepare for labor :)

    thanks for asking mare. how are you jan?

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  8. nyahahaha..may suggestion ako Rose...unahin mo kayang ipasuot ang sapatos, then saka ang medyas na di parehas...o di ba, mas maganda, nyahahahaha

  9. Rylie is so adorable no matter what she wears...

  10. Oh she's adorable whatever she wears! Happy Week ahead!

  11. at napa-aaawww naman ako talaga.daughter is with me while browsing this post and totally amazed by her different looks.. hihi.. ang ganda niya in her best dress pero di papatalo ang pag-braid ng hair ha.. she looks pretty in different style. with great sense of fashion talaga!!

  12. I'd almost forgotten about those fun and crazy weeks of school! Very cute shots!

  13. She's cute and lovely and this event is fun.

  14. kahit napaka crazy ang hair eh maganda pa rin si rylie.

  15. hahhaha...obviosly, she knows what fashion is..kakatuwa naman to sis fun for the kids....:) I like here image on "dress to impress" photo...mahal ang talent fee nito...ehehehee!

  16. DARAGAHON NA si Rye mads...
    madakulaan kana kaan hala ka ..hihi

  17. Rylie is growing up to be very pretty sis! And she knows how to post pa...


  18. Cute nga eh... heheh dropping by kadali..


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