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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Box Tops Education

Hello there everyone, how's your day today?  We had a rainy day today but the day just passed by so quickly.  We wnet to the courthouse so hubby could cast his vote and we visited Dad for a couple of hours.
Anyhow, you might be wondering about the photo above.  I am collecting box tops labels from  the boxes of cereals, cake mixes, brownies and other  stuff  that offers box tops for education.  My daughter schools participates to this so I am  supporting them.  If you guys want to  help out, you can cut out  BT labels and send it to me, as the box says "it pays to be passinate"  hehehe.  Need to go to bed now folks, lady in red is killing me wahhh..


  1. when we used to live in Cali...I collected those box tops sis...I have plenty of those and I don't know where it went....I'll send you some...mag collect muna ako...kelan ba ang deadline....hehhehe! just let men know when is the deadline ha...mwah!

  2. Yup! It really pays to be passionate! How are you there?! I'm just reminded by the current election when I read the words "cast his vote," hehehe! I wonder if you still able to vote for your home country?

  3. Ano bang ibinoto ni John sa court house? Member ba siya nang jury o me Baranggay elections din diyan? lol. Sorry wala kaming ganyang box tops sa Pinas. Sana makaipon kayo nang marami para sa school ni Rylie. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. ay sorry, wala yan dito sa Pinas Rose heheeh

  5. keep collecting mommy rose, i know cost of education there is steep.

  6. Merong ganyan din dito sa japan butnot box tops but bottle caps for the needy naman yun.


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