Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Good morning/evening everyone! How are you all doing? My son and I just finished eating our breakfast. Hubby and daughter are in school.

Lately, our daughter has this attitude whenever she gets home from school and hubby and I are getting worried about it. We talked to her yesterday and told her that if she doesn't quit doing that, we will have her take some time off from school. I am not sure if that's the right thing to say to her but it seems to work. Before she left this morning, I told her that there should be no more attitude when she comes home from school and she promised that she won't do it again.

I am torn about this because I feel like I am failing my job as a Mom in teaching my kids the right things. I don't want to think that her peers in school have some kind of influence to this attitude because I talked to the teacher and she said that Rylie is doing an excellent job in dealing with other kids. So I don't know where the problem lies. Is it from us? Your honest opinion is greatly appreciated!


  1. Baka stressed lang sya after school.Everyday ba ang pasok nya? Si Kendrick kasi eh every tuesday & thursday lang,then every after Friday kaya hindi masyado.

  2. Hi Mommy Willa. Yup, it's Mondays thru Fridays ang pasok nya. We are asked her about that too, if school is too much for her but she said that she love going to school. So I am really puzzled about the whole thing. Thanks for your comment.

  3. She probably wants your attention from school, Rose. She needs more hugs and kisses.

  4. That top photo should be enlarged and matted and framed to hang on the wall......beautiful!!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my Witch Doll in the making today!! Much appreciated.

  5. That is probably normal since they are so tired after school. Five days a week of school is too much for a 5 or 6 year old to handle...and they are doing great! Jake is the same way; I used to worry just like you before, but after talking to some Moms, I learned that we shared the same worries.

  6. tantrums after school.. madami kami niyan ... hahah.. yung bunso sabi sa ate.. ate grumpy ka.. sabi ng ate don't talk to me... hahaha... I normally just ignore the moment if they are in this mood Rose ... after kung nahimasmasan na saka mu kausapin ... tapos kung ikaw yung sumusundo bago makapasok ng bahay kwento ka lang ng kwento kahit ano ... para madivert yung attention sa kwento hindi dun sa mood niya... extra effort talaga...hayyy.. mga kabataan ... in other words normal si Ry... may tantrums after school...

  7. are not alone sis...akesha has that too...I have no idea where it came from....naiinis ako minsan...hay life...mahirap maging nanay...ehehehe!

    you look stunning on your dress...witweew!

  8. I agree with Cecile. We pick our granddaughter up from school everyday. She is really wound up. We can usually stop anything before it happens, but not always. As a mom I feel all you can do is try to see to it she gets plenty of sleep. Next is don't let her get away with anything. Stop it immediately. Hope it turns out well.

  9. thats normal sis, wait till she becomes teenager. hihi. lol. ok lang yan, minsan sa sobra natin focus nagiging oa mom tayo. pero normal yan sa mga mommies.. and with kids naman normal lang din yan, minsan napapagod din sa school.. eto nga sa sa dalawa ko, naku its not easy being a mother talaga..tough job!

  10. P.S.
    me kulang sa comment ko, not about parenting but your dress... hihi...pretty and sexy mommy! wweeeeeeeeee!!

  11. Oh Rose do not blame yourself for the change in the attitude of Rylie when she comes home from school. Being the littlest in her class she can surely pick up bad habits from her classmates. Being very little, she can be a subtle victim of bullying from her bigger classmates and when she gets homes she tends to assert herself in her own household because she could not do that at school. That happens with my youngest who is very silent and reticent at school but when she gets home, she tends to lord it over her kuyas and me. That will pass off later on. Just tell Rylie about what's right or wrong with her newly acquired attitude. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. i don't think that you are failing your job as a mom. what i see from your posts is that you are a real good mom!
    oh wow if mom golden had of kept me home from school because of attitude, i surely would have never lost the attitude!
    for sure and i never really LIKED school!..haha.
    you are fortunate that your little lassie DOES like school.
    thanks for your kind words at my blog.
    it has been such a while since i last made a ruby tuesday post...
    god bless you and i hope you never say that you are failing your job as a mom because you are NOT!
    love terry


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