Thursday, September 23, 2010

Office Furniture

If you are working at home, it is comfortable if you have a formal office furniture where you can work and do all your tasks. I am so glad that hubby has this big computer desk that has a lot of space to put things to. When I was still working, I have a big table too which I was very glad because as a secretary, I did a lot of filing and paper works everyday, especially during the preparation of the end-of-the-month reports.


  1. I just came across your blog as I was blog hopping. I'm in the market right now for a new writing desk. I love our big desk but it's a little too big and I want to turn the room it is currently in, in to a office/guest room. The desks now just don't have the storage like the one we have now does...

  2. If you want to be effective while working from home, you should consider buying home office furniture pieces that will help you become more productive and motivated to do your work. A lousy workplace will surely make you procrastinate, while an organized one can make you feel comfortable and dynamic.

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