Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Burrito turned 5

Our little darling princess turned 5 yesterday and she is growing so fast. The memory is still vivid to my mind, I feel like I just had her last year and now she's 5. One thing that I am thankful for is that I got to see every milestones of my two children. I thank my husband for letting me stay at home and be with our kids 24/7.
When we were in Korea, I work part time for 6 months I think and hubby was the one taking care of the kids. I only work during weekend whenever hubby is off, I also did some weeknights but it's only 4 hours long. It was an interesting experience and I definitely learned a lot especially on dealing with not-so-nice boss.
Working in Korea made me miss my super nice boss back in the Philippines. But anyhow, hubby did a pretty good job taking care of the kids while I was working. He make sure that they are entertained and well -fed. The only thing I have to take care of when I go home is the mess around the house lol.
The only time that I experience going out with friends was when I was in Korea. My husband was in-charge that night and he really did well. The kids did not like it all though lol. This is my short entry to Couple's Corner. I know, it is late already but better late than never right?


  1. Happy Birthday to your cutie burrito,Ate Rose!
    Aww..ang galing naman ni Sir John,magaling mag-alaga^_^

  2. Happy Birthday to your pretty and adorable burrito sis!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Rylie.

    Never mind the mess, ganon talaga, ang mahalaga ang mga anak mo ay walang ma latay, hahaha! Your hubby seems so responsible naman. Ganya si Rodney, kapag nagluto yan sa morning, susko, ang sink namin puno ng pinag lutuan..lately eh di naman siya nag babantay ng mga kiddos, dito kasi si Lola eh kaya swerte nya..

  4. wow dalaga na! happy birthday to her! i love the dress! =)

    Thanks for dropping ha...=)

  5. Ah, happy birthday to the burrito as well as yourself, you put in a lot of hard work 5 years ago.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  6. Belated happy birthday to that cute fashion model, Rylie!

  7. I hope your beautiful daughter had a wonderful Birthday. Five is such a precious age. My granddaughter will be six in August.
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Hapy Birthday to your girl. puno nga ang sink pag uwi natin sa bahay at kabi kabila ang kalat pero okay lang ang importante ay maalagaan ang mga bata.

  9. That is so nice of your husband to take good care of your kids when you were out working. Dapat magtulungan naman talaga for the kids. Thanks for dropping by at my site girl

  10. pareho pala si Matt at John...both good in entertaining kids and feeding house akin pa rin yun pagdating ko :-)

    belated happy bday kay Rylie ha :-)

  11. happy birthday again pretty Rye...kikay na kikay ang dating...ehehhee!

    swerte natin badingding kasi magaling mag alaga mga jowa!

  12. It's great that you are a hands on mommy to your two children. They are growing up to be responsible and adorable children. Just continue in what you are doing and later on you will see the fruits of your labor. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. Happy birthday to Rylie! Parang dalagita na ang ayos oh.

    Maaasahan si John sa mga bata. ang disarray na bahay talagang sa nanay nakatoka. :)

  14. aww!!! so pretty! Happy Birthday,Pretty Rylie!!!

    magaling naman talaga sa bata si daddy john... kitang kita naman at mukhang loves na loves ng mga kiddos dba? swerte swerte mo talaga ate rose...


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