Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Schooling our Daughter

If you are wondering what's keeping me busy these days, this is it, teaching my kids some educational stuff like writing, spelling, and reading. Due to my addiction (blogging) I neglected to really focus on teaching my daughter with stuff that she need to learn like reading. But I promised myself that I really need to lie low on blogging and focus on teaching my daughter before she started going to school next month. She will be starting by mid-August.
For yesterday's activity, I refreshed her skill in writing her name. She knows how to write it but she prefers to write it in big or capital letters. This time, I taught her how to write using the notebook with lines and the proper way of using the capital and small/lower case letters.
Below are the activities that we did today. We reviewed what she've learned yesterday and I taught her the spelling of the colors and how to read them. My goal for this month is for her to learn how to read words, I hope that she would be able to do it.
I am impressed of her progress because she really want to learn how to read. She doesn't complain even if sometimes I am so hard on her. Sorry anak, I just want to you to learn how to read before you start school, but I believe that you can do it.
Then during the break, I treat them with snow cones. We used the snow cone maker that Titas Chris and Gail gave for her birthday. Thanks Tita!
Here's a short video that I recorded this afternoon.


  1. Hi there! That is awesome that you are teaching her some of these basic skills before she starts school. One tip, though, and I did this before my daughter started school years ago...I found out what alphabet style they were teaching (it was the D'Nealian Alphabet); that way, I could start teaching her using d'nealian handwriting practice worksheets. Before then, I had no idea that there were different Alphabet styles. It was actually my neighbor, a pre-school teacher, who suggested that I find out the information.

    When I started working with her on this type of alphabet, I could see that there were definitely differences in how I had been taught to print and how she was learning to print.

    Anyway, that is just my humble 2 cents worth! It sure helped me, though!!! :)

  2. Hello Mommy Rose,

    Wow!! Time flies too fast, Rylie is going to school soon. Another milestone for her courtesy of Mommy.

    You're doing a great job Mommy Rose.

  3. so proud of Rye proud of yah golly! time goes by so fast....:) I am sure she will do great in school....wohooo!

    me too...mahina na din yung gas ko trying to lessen my time in blogging....kaya nga minsan kau-kau lang dinadalaw ko eh....

    salamat ulit sa grasya sis ha...miss yah...mwah!

    we are hoping to move within this month...:)

  4. She is good bading and she can read few on those colors too. Good job. Teacher ka talaga bading.

  5. Yes, you should concentrate on teaching Rylie the fundamentals of learning like writing and reading because she will attend her kindergarten school next month. She is very intelligent really and learns very fast. I like the video you made. Your voice sound so sexy just like a real American with American accent, lol. You could work in a Call Center, lol. Let's all hope and pray that Rylie will make good in her studies in school. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  6. She will impress the school teacher..she is a bright kid and very commited to her new life..I mean a school life..thumbs up to you Rose!!

  7. Oh she learns fast, good job girls! I'm sure she'll enjoy her schooling time.

    Btw, thank you for the birthday wishes :) That post was about two weeks late, lol. Like you, I'm slowing down my blogging too. Focusing my free time with my kids, especially now Evan is on school break.

    Have a great day mommy!

  8. Same here--hinay hinay sa blogging activities at kahit na addict sa kaka-blog hopping,ngayon medyo set na lang ako ng time sa harap ng pc.pag nasa school ang mga bata,dun lang ako meron time kaya pag uwi nila,shut off ako kaagad to tend to their needs.

    Happy Birthday to Rylie!Wishing her the best!Ang bilis lumaki ng mga bata^_^

  9. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?


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