Monday, November 17, 2014

It was Not Meant for Us

One of the houses in our neighborhood was put up for sale.  I asked my husband if we could look at it as I like the  look of it from the outside.  MY husband didn't like how the  house was designed but we went anyway.  Neighbors said that this was built by a priest and it  was pretty solid inside.
This is a four bedroom house with three  full baths which impressed my husband a lot.  Although the rooms are smaller but it would have accommodated the need of our growing family plus it is in our neighborhood so  transition would have been a lot easier.
Hubby also liked the fact that it has a double car garage which our current house lacks.  
The  downsides of this house was  the yard and the smaller  kitchen and  living room.  There is no yard at all which would have been so difficult because we have pets.  Nevertheless, we made an offer  and  prayed that it if it meant for us, we will get it but if not, our offer will be turned down.
Our bid lost to a higher bidder  which hubby and I thought that the house is not really meant for us.
 The kids did not really want to put the dogs for adoption.  I  I am kind of relieved that our offer did not  go through because  I would surely miss gardening.  I won't have a space there to put my flower and vegetables.
 Our pets are a big part of the family so  it is  also a deciding factor whenever we are looking for a house.  It would be nice to have a bigger house with bedrooms that would accommodate each of us.
For now, we are planning to just  expand our house.  Put some money to it and fix it sop that the kids will have their own room.
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  1. I pray that you will have the house your heart and family desire...If it's not for you, it isn't for you, God has a bigger and more beautiful plans for you and your will come:)

  2. I'm sure there will be a better house for you guys, if this one isn't for your there will be plenty to come.

  3. I'm pretty sure you'll find the house that are meant for you guys...God will provide!

  4. Aww sayang naman - but I am sure something better is out there :)

  5. I think the house is not meant for you too! I'm sure you'll find a nicer house.

  6. I'm sure you'll find a house more suited for your family's needs.

  7. House hunting can be a strange experience - matching what you want and what you find can be difficult. Lovely photos of your dog.

  8. That's a sensible attitude. For instance, the country house we wanted for our growing family was suddenly taken off the market the first time we tried to view; then the next summer it was back on the market. That time we were successful in buying and we lived ithere for 27 years.

  9. Wise choice! If it was meant to be, it would've happened. And besides, how could you give up the dogs?


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