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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taking up the Cross

"Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me". Today's Bible readings deal with the theme of Taking up our Cross and following in our Lord's footsep. Our affluent society does all it can do away with the reality of suffering. In the eyes of those who are blind to the transcendent, suffering and pain are incompatible with happiness. Funeral homes makes it their profession to blur suffering. Medical science alleviates pain, the drug commercials on television advertise their pain killers and sleeping pills, and dope peddlers make it possible to escape a harsh reality. Not all of this is bad. It is service to alleviate pain, to arrange a worthy funeral, and to pray to God for help when we suffer.
However, we should regard as un-Christian an attitude that desires at any cost or dubius means (dope abuse) to do away with both mental and physical suffering that is unavoidable. Since our lives are patterned after the life, death, ressurection of the Lord, we should in faith be willing to die with him (die to our egoistic selves, which is painful process, and accept unavoidable suffering) in order to live with Him forever.
A photo taken after attending the Sunday Mass. Have a great week ahead folks!


  1. Hi rose, kumusta na? sorry ngayon lang naka visit kasi laging busy ang linya. regards :-)

  2. nice photo sis...God bless you, your cute chikitings and si hubby mo ^_^ take care always.

  3. hmmm...what a deep insight naman, tama ka girl...mahirap gawin but, we need to ... kasi this is the purpose of our lives naman talaga eh...

    knowing God and becoming a Christlike...Thumbs up for this post, do it every sunday

    yep, meron na girl...super tiring talaga kasi i have my schooling pa, dami assignments...naka blog hop nalang ako sa cbox and every comments left...d ko na ma blog hop yung d naka visit.

    graveyard pasok ko, so, every afternoon nalang ako maka blog hopping...

    see you again :)

  4. Actually suffering and pain are not prerequisites to a good Christian life. God does not ordain suffering for all His followers on a whim but He has a far deeper and more purposeful reason for giving man pain and suffering. Sometimes, pain and suffering are brought about by consequences of sins and are not edifying or bring glory to God. Pain and suffering that bring glory to God are those that are borne wholeheartedly by the sufferer and offered to God as a burnt offering. They become a reflection of God's glory in this world. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  5. Informative. Thanks for sharing for me to learn theologies. Your kids looked very darling. Hugs.

  6. Thanks for this post,Ate Rose!God bless!!^_^

  7. have a blessed week to you and your family!

  8. Hi Rose.. nice pic.. have a good week too..

    and thanks for sharing this post..

  9. Thanks for sharing the sunday gospel again bakla, para na rin nakarinig ako sa mass. pero mas maganda pa rin kapag makapagsimba diba. sigh! hirap buhay ng inahing sisiw. pwedi magnakaw ng pics ninyo dito bakla waaaaa dont sue me ha remembrance lng lol. muah ang bait payag kaagad wink!lol.

  10. This generation teach us that pain or suffering is way out of context. That is why when people feel lonely or in pain they don't pray no more instead they go to a doctor to ask for a medicine to alleviate the pain of depression and all. As always talagang bilib ako sa inyo mommy rose liit na lang na mga parents brought their kids to church keep it up!


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