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Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my dearest Dad in law!

We just got done talking to Dad on the phone and he was very very happy that we called especially when both EJ and Rylie greeted him. He turned 87 years old today and I am very happy to tell the world that through my father-in-law, the longing I had for my deceased father was filled through Dad's presence. Thanks Dad for always being there for us. When my husband took the advancement exam for this year, we prayed to God that no matter what the result will be, we will be so much happy to accept it. John did not make it but we are still happy because it only means one thing, we will be able to spend more time with Dad. We miss and love you so much! Happy birthday!
Please check out the tribute that my husband posted for my father in law.
Birthday Graphics


  1. Happy birthday to you dearest Dad tsang. You are so blessed to have a great in laws bakla. May he have more birthdays and happiness. good health and fun with his Grandchildren and family.

  2. happy birthday to your father in law manay :)

  3. happy b-day to your father in law rose.

  4. HAPPY BIRTDAY and all the very best from this part of the world to your adorable father in law. He looks so lovable person!

  5. Touch ako sis, it really shows in the pics how close and happy family you have!

    Extends our greetings too!godbless!

  6. Hello Mommy Rose, a Happy 87th bday to your FIL! Like the picture!

  7. happy birthday to your FIL 87yo...way to go....:)

    that is ok are will have enough time to catch up and bond with him once you get home....:)

    what do you mean about the advancement exam.....

    salamat sa dalaw manang ko..I miss our chats...hope all is well..kisses sa mga burritos mo...mwah!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Father-In-Law, Ate Rose!!Best wishes po!!I dropped by at Sir John's blog to greet his father yesterday.

    Malapit na kayong magkikita-kita uli!!\(^0^)/

  9. hapi bday to ur father inlaw rose. i wish him good health and more bdays to come.

  10. you have a very loving father in law mare.. happy birthday to him!

    anyways mare i am inviting u to join my thursday meme please :) girls talk to.. :D

    see u at my girls rule blog mare ko! mwah mwah

  11. happy birthday to him! wow 87 years old!

  12. happy bday to your father in law sis, i know it's not too late. sweet mo ha Values Reviews, Business

  13. Happy Birthday to your father in law. He looked very kind just like John. Yes, you are fortunate to have a doting father in law to fill in the void left by your departed father. He's also a loving grandpa to your children. God bless you all for being such a loving family. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


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