Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Science Fiction 3D Animation Monster Inc

The theme for this week's Tuesday's couch potatoes meme is Science Fiction 3D Animation. This is my second entry for this exciting meme authored by Kikams of Just about Anything. If you want to join us, just click on the badge below.
Have you seen the funny, entertaining and visually inventive movie called Monster Inc? According to Animation and Web Design Resources, this movie was the number fourth most expensive 3d Animated Movie Ever. It is a computer animated film that captured the hearts of fans and critics everywhere. It is "visually dazzling, action-packed and hilarious" movie that our children watch over and over again. John Goodman stars as the lovable James P. Sullivan (Sulley) and Billy Crystal as his wise cracking best friend, Mike Wazowski.
The top scarer Sulley and his enthusiastic scarer assistant Mike work at Monster Inc., the largest scream processing factory in mostropolis. The main power source of the monster world is the collected screams of human children. Monster believe children are dangerous and toxic, however, and they are scared silly when a little girl wanders into their world. Sulley and Mike do their best to return the girl's home, but they face monstrous intrigue and some hilarious misadventures along the way. The little girl whom they called BO looks like my daughter in this picture hehehe. Monster Inc. is a supremely clever, fun for kids and adults alike, we watches it with our two kids and we always have fun watching it. They are actually watching it right now that is why EJ is looking the other way instead of facing the camera lol.. Have a great Tuesday couch potatoes!


  1. this is also one of my favorites ate rose! sulley and mike are just delights to watch. and i am glad they found a new power source for the monster world, which are children's giggle and shouts of laughter! no more monsters in the closet, eh? and your little girl does look like bo! she is so cute!

    thanks for playing along this week. next week, it's sandra bullock movie time!

  2. Rylie looks like Bo!!^_^Kamukhang kamukha nya!!\(^0^)/

  3. I love this one too. I can keep watching it over and over again, and that's me we're talking about, not my kids.

  4. I agree with mami clar... maybe because of the way you tie her hair...

  5. Jinky na jinky hehehe mas maganda and cute namn yata anak mo bakla, i think its the hair yata para naging kamukha ang dalawa. kakatawa ka nman bakla. Mine is up bading visit mo, pang 5 at 6 yata na best seller movie ang sa akin ehehehhehe

    Btw, may lumabas na Branson 3 kanina, pero hindi ko na check ang sayo kasi nawala bigla ang mga branson bakla, maybe next time heehee

  6. oo nga kamukhang kamuka nya talaga si Bo at ang cute naman nya... I like Monsters Inc too I watched it over and over with my sons

  7. i agree with lulu..sa pag tie na hair ^_^ sabay may bangs pa at pink din un tali ng hair nya ^_^ mas cute pa din ang daughter mo ^_^

    how's your husband pala sis? musta ang result? hope ok na ang pakiramdam nya...


  8. ay i have to watch this one with yena!!!

    muka ngang ok.. nkanganga pa ej oh! hhahah ;)

    mine entry is up at lover's mushroom mare!

  9. hello sis, a quick visit here....miss you a lot manang ko...hope all is well....;)

    we just got back from our camping trip...daan muna ako dito before hitting the bed...so tired and exhausted....just want to say hi....mwah! bukas na ako bloghop...wala akong energy.....miss you a lot manang ko...:)

  10. Naku favorite ng mga anak ko ito noon. ilang beses nila paulit-ulit pinapanood kaya ako kasabay ding manood di naman nakakasawa. I love the partnership of Sulley and Mike in that movie. nakaka-touch when Sulley and Boo say their goodbyes.

  11. oh my! she looks like Bo nga! naku whenever I see this movie my hear melts.. parang kinukurot an gpuso and longing for a girl as cute as Bo :)

    you should watch Meet the Robinsons, naku matutuwa tyak kiddos mo ;)

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