Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How the Recession Hurts Your Relationship

Is the economic recession affecting your relationship? My husband and I agreed that when it comes to financial, nothing is more important than to deal it with open mind and self discipline. We can't control the recession but we can control ourselves from spending too much. We have to prioritize which needs to be paid off first and not to bu things that we really don't need! The article below from qualityhealth.com might help you.
The current financial climate has many of us focusing on retirement plans, stock portfolios, and savings accounts. But have you considered how the recession has affected your relationship? 


  1. ang sweet ninyo talaga, you two both inspire each otehr from what I observe, your hubby respect and love you immensely and so you are to him.

  2. Dat's totoo rose,at lalo na kung may anak ka.

  3. we try to bet in lotto mads baka manalo kita..gare kamu bagong kasal hehe

  4. Hello Ross. Yes, economy recession is really a big thing to ponder. If we don't watch out our spending we might ended up living under the bridge (as what my hubby told me). I glad that everything is slowly recovering at the moment and hopeful it will continue to be on the bright side. Thanks for everything Ross....Take care and enjoy your day.


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