Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lupang hinirang

This video is the controversial rendition of Martin Nievera when he sung the Philippine National Anthem during the Pacquiao-Hatton fight. For me personally, it wasn't bad at all. Let's face it, no one can sing like Martin does so who cares if she show his talent off. Just remember, he didn't miss a line unlike other artists did. What I don't get is some people criticize him like they know how to sing good. It's easy to criticize but we should just look at the bright side instead of the negative side. Peace out guys!
Here's the short cut version of Christian Bautista Here's the sensational performance from a 13 year old Charice Pempengco. Even her did her own version too. Tomorrow will be the celebration of the Philippine Independence day so instead of looking at other people's mistakes, let's be united and spread out peace.


  1. hi mare!

    i was so thrilled after he sang the the national anthem, among the filipino singers who made it to pacman's fight, he is the only singer who didnt looked NERVOUS at all. it was passionately sang. i was wondering why there are lots of negative buzz about it.. seriously did they hear him right?

    love the way he sang it coz it came from the heart that it makes me more proud to be a filipino.

    anyways, am NEVER a FAN of martin. as in i don't like the way he talk ha. but i give credit where credit is due...

    he has my two thumbs up on the way he did it. good job!

  2. Happy Independence Day.Btw I have an award-tag for you

  3. i agree with you, Rose.... i like how he sang it....everyone commits mistake by let us forget and move on...

  4. naku di na ako updated sa chika ha...
    may negative buzz pala about ke martin..
    by the way, happy independence day and ofcourse HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! burger! burger! burger!hehe
    ingatz and God bless.

  5. ???nasaan ang problema dun??Magaling naman ang pagkaka-render ng Lupang Hinirang Martin Nievera version ah!Ang mga pinoy talaga oo!!


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