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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Gardeners

My husband attended a going away party last Friday and told us that he will be home early. So the kids and I waited for him outside while we did some gardening outside. We pulled out the weeds from our flower beds. My daughter was collecting the weeds I pulled out and put them in a plastic bag but my son just wanted to dig out the dirt. He loves playing on the dirt all the time hehehe. Here are some of our photos.
Hope you guys have a good and lovely Tuesday!


  1. lovely kids!

    I am compelled to wanting kids of my own...

  2. Ang ganda naman ng mga flowers sa garden mo! The li'l prince and princess are really, really cute!

    Ooops, before I forget, Happy Birthday to you Rose! Hope you'll have the happiest! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  3. just visiting you here
    have a great day and happy blogging

  4. hhehee...cute naman nitong gardenero/ra mo sis....:) dami na bulaklak mo jan....:)

    woi sis...musta na? Yehey! it's your birthday!...advance from here in the US....joke!

    happy birthday talaga sis....I have no words to express how happy I am to have met a wonderful person like you...may God will bless you and your family all the time....and more opps to come...hehehhe! luv yan manang...:) mwah!

  5. I love the Roses. They are so beautiful! Your kids were enjoying taking the weeds ha. Pretty sight! Thanks for sharing the pictures. By the way, ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY too right? Waaa.... Happy Birtday Rose. Many happy Returns of the day.

  6. Nkkktuwa naman kiddos mo. Very behaved sila. Kung kids ko yan, wala ng flowers yan! :) Bka pinick up na, ginawang garland or bouquet for me.

    BTW, Happy Birthday, Rose! :)

    May you have more to come and the best of everything! :) God bless you more! :)

  7. wow.. what a beautiful flowers... Happy birthday to you girl... more years of health, happiness to come.. god bless you and your family

  8. Happy Birthday,Ate Rose!!!There couldn't be a better date to have fun and celebrate!!Enjoy your day!!^_^I love you!!More power to you and wishing you the best!!

  9. What lovely flowers in your flower garden and what adorable gardeners you have, hehehe, lol. Wow, it must be heavenly living with your two kids and your doting husband. You are indeed blessed my friend. Sabi nga ni Julie Andrews sa kanta niya sa Sound of Music, "For somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good." Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. isn't that lovely that you all work together sa garden, favourite occupation ko din yang mag garden

  11. like ko ang sorroundings mo mads..kapresko!


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