Saturday, June 6, 2009

Legendary Volcano

This was taken during our second day in Jeju when we first explore the Lotte's beautiful garden. This one is taken from the legendary volcano. The Koreans believe that when it erupted a spirit came to life and remain in the said volcano which served to be the care taker of the place. (Pardon if the information is not too accurate, it is just based from what I remembered on the thing that I read).
On our last night of stay, they had a Volcano Fountain show. I wasn't able to take the dragon that emerged from the water though. The chip of my camera was full already. This is the only one that I captured.
Have a good day everyone!


  1. what a nice view, rose :-), korea is indeed a nice place...lucky you, you guys got the chance of seeing them before moving back to mainland.

    we are not settled yet, we just got here this afternoon and are staying for a night in the hotel before moving to the apartment tomorrow; will be busy unloading the truck and eventually unpacking boxes :-).

    thanks for dropping by, rose!

    good to see that you ec card is up again!

  2. Wonderful Pictures, Rose. Thanks for sharing...

  3. wow so amazing although quite sacry at the same time
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  4. hi mommy chubs.. ang ganda dyan ah. Never been to korea although napaka mura ng ticket from here and 2 hours lang... i wonder kung super spiy nga ba talaga lahat ng food nila..

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  6. Ang ganda namn ng rock formation!Very nice volcano fountain show!

  7. You guys really had a blast memorial day. sana sinama mo ako mommy rose hehehe. thanks for sharing all these pics, parang feeling ko nakarating ako dyan by just watching ur pics lol.

  8. wow sis, talagang ginala nyo ang buong isla...hahaha...nice place to unwind...dami great spots....:)

    daan din me dito hop muna ako...dko naka blog hop last night...may LBM si lola mo...ehhehe...oks na ako..took pepto...hehehe!

    sige, will catch you lateh...daan lang me...need to blog hop..babawi muna ako...:) mwah!

  9. All countries have their own local legends. The photos are nice although they were taken too far. Nice that you were able to get photos of your visit there. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  10. Awesome photos, Rose.
    I love going to places that I have not been to... :)

  11. hello. that was a beautiful view. fascinating indeed!

    just visiting!!

    Take care and have a great day!

  12. Hi Rose, beautiful pics. You didn't keep a spare for your camera? Ha ha.
    Mabuhay, Lee.

  13. Beautiful place! Wala ako masabi, breathtaking siya talaga! Good for you, you get to see them all personally! Enjoy your exploration of Korea, Rose!

  14. wow the volcano seems like it was just molded nice scenery

  15. wow nice! volcano fountain show! ^_^
    ganda ng pix..minsan isama mo ako sa lakaran ninyo ha..
    btw, meron akong award for you un BEST BLOG AWARD , grab it if you have time sis. salamat

  16. lam mo, sa mga Korean nobela, lagi nila promote ang Jeju...super ganda talaga..

  17. Si Ate Rose talaga, di nagdala ng extra--nabitin tuloy ako lol!! Ang ganda ng view dyan sa Jeju--interesting place to visit!


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