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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jungmun Beach in Jeju Island

It was already sundown when I discovered the way going to the Jungmun Beach as I explored the rest of the Lotte Hotel's place. I came back to the hotel to wake my sweeties who were taking nap and we head up to the beach. You can find the beautiful views of the beach on my other etcetera blog.
Rylie took this one. This was our share of not going to the mt. Halla hike hehehe. Going down to the beach is easy but man, it was hard going up lol.. Here we are enjoying the water. Rylie building her sand volcano hehehe. There's more to this post, so don't forget to drop by at my other blog. Seeyah there!


  1. kagayun kan views...
    para nga kayong korean star ni johnny hehe

  2. thanks for the visit Rose!
    know what, I sometimes thought that John is your "someone" too! kasi andalas mo magpost then sipag mo pa magPPP, so naisip ko baka nga sinasaway ka na minsan hehehe...

    anyway, ano ba secret mo bkit sexy ka pa din? lalo na dito sa pics nyo sa beach? oh my, sana naman ganyan din ako ka fit-looking pa din! :)

  3. great photos, makes me wanting it to be summer again, but winter has just begun here wahhhh

  4. Just beautiful. What a great family time in a beautiful place.

  5. What great pictures. Looks like you guys had such a fun time!! Have a great week :)

  6. Parang ang sarap naman dyan! Very fresh siguro ang hangin.

  7. Ang ganda naman ng mga family bonding ninyo rose, anggaganda ng mga lugar sa picture. wow, your baby girl rylie really knows how to take picture huh,ang galing magturo nin mommy hehehe.
    And conrats and happy 1 yr blogsary, ang sipag!

  8. Hi Rose, beautiful pics. Your kids look great, not to mention their mom and dad.
    Love the beach and sea.
    Pity we only got the Lake.

    Did you eat that ha ha, famous egg with a chick inside?
    I'll take a pass on that, ha ha. Oh ya, any dancing the Tinikling? Lee.

  9. nice ang beach sistah! ^_^ relaxing view!
    sarap ng family bonding ninyo at ang sweet nyo ni papa sa picture!
    picture perfect!^_^
    by the way, i have an award for you ^_^ grab it if you have time. nga pala nabanggit ko ba sayo na napost ko na un award na bigay mo saken nun?
    ingat and God bless u and your family ^_^

  10. What a romantic pose you have with John. Too bad Rylie and EJ can no longer have another sibling, hehehe, lol. Your photos of your kids are as usual very descriptive. Don't worry about North Korea. They will never attack South Korea for they still fear the backlash from the mighty US of A. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. wow manang...ganda naman ng view....matagal na akong d nakakita ng dagat dito....hehehhe...layo kasi kami sa dagat.....hehhehe...:)

    ganda ng pagkakuha ni rye ah....she doing pretty good on taking photos...:)

    hala sige...luto muna ako...:)

  12. What a lovely trip! Nice pics too!

  13. Hi ate Rose!
    Thanks sa visit and comment mo sa site ko. Yung ofismate koang taga bicol e. Umuwi kc sya sa Tabacco sa kanila. Ang ganda dun sa susunod mag ppost ako ng mgaviews sa inyo. Di ko palang naayos.

  14. You have a beautiful family! Looks like an altogether lovely day.

  15. What a lovely view Mommy usual the kids look adorable and ehem.. the mommy still looks sexy..
    share the secret...

  16. Nice shots, Rose. I'm passing an award to you. I've seen it passed on to your etcetera blog, but this one is surely very worthy of the award too (I don't think you have to follow rule no. 2 to the letter if you encounter time constraints or other things, so no pressure there). A nice day to you and your family.

  17. hi there to you! visiting u here. hope u visit my blog too here

    AND PLEASE VOTE FOR MY BLOG HERE yung poll nasa baba po choose nyo lang ung IAMSTAYINGALIVE thanks!

  18. great view from the top! a similar view form the church of gasan in marinduque.

  19. Such a wonderful sand volcano! WHAT A UNIQUE IDEA, malapit kayo yata sa bulkan jan Rosierose?

  20. wwweeee!!ang sexy ni Mommy Rose!!how envious!bagay na bagay sa inyo ang paradise sa Jeju Island!!\(^0^)/


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