Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yakisoba Time

It's been a while since we last ate Yakisoba Noodles, so I cooked some for breakfast yesterday.. I cut up some red bell pepper to garnish it up but my little ones ate most of it, when I looked in the bowl, only three pieces was left lol.. Oh well, it's good for them anyway..


  1. manang nako nakaka droll naman tong putahi mo..may natira pa ba jan? sarap mo talaga mag luto..very colorful tong yakisoba mo ah...hehehe!

    san pala ang getaway ng Cottrills this wekeend? kami ni Akesha sa bahay lang kami kasi duty ni hubby sa air force...oks na din yon...iwas gasto...hehhehe!

  2. yummy...kasarap naman ng pansit mo rose :-), tagal na ko di nakapagluto nit eh :-)


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