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Friday, May 1, 2009

Nap Time

My ornery fellas wanted to take a nap on the floor of our living room so we laid down a comforter and a mink blanket. It took hours before they fall asleep because they just play and play until they get tired. Does your kids take nap?


  1. hhahaha...they looks so cute together....ehehhee! nako naman manang..tong dalawang to d makatulog..kasi nga naman madami makikita nila sa living room kasi parang 4 corners lang yung nakikita nila...kaya madali matulog...hehhehe!

    Akesha take a nap in a regular basis...well after she jumps up and down on the bed....hehhehe!

    never tried to let her sleep on the living room yet...wala din naman sya katabi...hahha..ay si buddy pwede...hehehe!

    Thanks for sharing your cute kiddos manang...musta ang day mo?

    Sige blog hop muna ako...OT ko tonight...:)

  2. naku mommy rose, tong anak ko naman tamad magpahinga sa tanghali o kaya ay hapon mas gusto pa nakababad sa pc para mag net..buti ang mga anak mo nakakapahinga sila sa ganyan oras..

  3. hi there, just droppin and wishing you happy weekend...enjoy it!

  4. They look so cute!!!

    Kadalasan, unang nakatulog ang nagpatulog... that's my experience with my younger broods..

  5. heheheh and cucute ng dlwang angels mo dangz, instead na mtulog na posing time na tuloy!! hahahahah

    Have missed u too dangz, sensya na kc tamad tlga me minsan, medyo bigat na katawan ko heehheeh... pano kc kain ng kain!! hahahahaha.. my next scan would be on the 18th of May, so we'll know if I am having a baby girl or a boy... exciting dvaaaaaa, uummm can't really wait...

    Thanks sa visits pla dangz and comments too, now its my turn!! hehheheh...

    Please give my hugs & kisses to the little ones okay... God bless the whole family... mwah mwah mwah lovelots

  6. naku yung pasaway dito minsan di xa nag nap sa hapon kaya sa gabi may sumpong

  7. Looks like your two chubskulit rose are just wanted to play nap in there, good thing they still able to nap after an hour.They are so cute, ang kukulit tingnan hehehe

    My buckaroo he still take a nap once or twice a day if he is reallytired, but if he is not tired he fake his nap.

  8. They look so cute Mommy Rose..I remembered when I was little me and my siblings used to love sleeping on the floor as well..


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