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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

chubby little one

When I was conceiving with my daughter Rylie, I used to borrow this little girl in the picture with me. She used to be so chubby and I was admiring her so much. When we visit our place in the Philippines last month, I got to see her again and I can't believe how she have grown up. S is he still cute though and the cool things is she brought me the picture of us together when she was still a baby, so we took a pic again hehehe..
You guys like my uncomb hair? lol!


  1. pinaglihihan mo sya..
    kaya pala girl si

  2. Aw that is so cute mommy rose, naku I am sure pagmagdalaga yan at mag-asawa ikaw ang ninang nyan. Parang feeling ko may bonding na kayo noon pa. Didn't noticed your uncomb hair.

  3. oh so sweet naman, dala pa nya frame.. sya ba yung napaglihian mo?

  4. Hi Mads, eu gustuhonon ko sya kan baby pa sya.. dawa ngunyan hehehe..

  5. Hahahah ninang pala ha.. Oo ate kim, napakasmiling nya kasi nung babay pa sya so giliw na giliw ako noon...

  6. Hello Anzu's Mom, yep sya napaglihian ko hehehe..

  7. kaya pala girl si Rylie eh pinaglilihian mo cya!!hahahaa!!halika,susuklayan kita!!\(^0^)/

  8. Ganyan ang hair ko pag nasa house ..hehehe..Alam ko kahit d mag suklay CUTE pa dn

  9. Naku mahilg ka rin pala manghiram ng bata. hehehe! kami din dito yung mga anak anak ng kapitbahay na ngayun e malalki na din.Ang cute namn ng pic nyo. sana hanggang magdalaga sya lagi kayo magpa picture! kakatuwa!


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