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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beef Calde

My daughter and I prepared and cooked beef caldereta the other day. It's been a while since we last cooked a caldereta and hubby misses it so much. Calde is one of his favorite menu. It's good to add black olives and red bell pepper to it but I don't have at that time hehehe. I always pan fry the potato first because it adds a crispiness to it. Here's the yummy calde waiting for the sauce to be thickened...
I thought for sure that I won't have to cook for dinner but there was no left over hahaha..


  1. woi Caldereta tagal na din ako di nakapgluto nyan tamad ako hehe

  2. Hahaha wala ka ng oras magluto dahil dami mo ng blog.. wink..

  3. caldereta?did you say caldereta?tsarap nyan!!^_^

    btw,you've been tagged!!

  4. used mads caldereta mixed pag nagluto ako nyan,,medyo spicy--siram...
    visiting here looking for new mario lopez and budik hahaha....

  5. Miss ko na ang caldereta. matagal na di kami nakakapagluto! Minsan nilalagyan namin ng sili pang paanghang. Di nga lang pwede sa bata.

  6. Look very good but would be even better with the olives.

  7. nako name man gid ni woi...meron pa ba dyan manang ko? ay wala na pala..kasi naubos...hehehhe! ako din pagnagluluto ako nyan...ubos din..wala na left over...hehehe!

    yung palang tanong mo manang...opo..yung ibig sabihin ng "murag"..tama ka don sa answer mo...hehhehe!


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