Wednesday, February 18, 2009

spelling bee

I cut my time in blogging because I am trying to teach my daughter some basic academic stuff like recognizing each of the alphabet letters, although she already memorize it. Now I am slowly teaching her how to spell three letter word that can be easily remembered. She knows how to spell dog, God, and cat already and I am so proud of her. She is also mastering to spell her first name (Jillian) it's a little bit long so she always forgot the last 2 letters hehehe.. My goal is for her to learn how to write her name and read probably before she goes to school next year.
She also want to be a blogger someday hehehe..


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  2. wow..galing ni Rye.....hehhe..kakaloka naman tong mommy nya...hhaha...gusto ba namang ipag blogger...hehhehe...joke! am sure she will grow up smart like her parents....:0 great job manang!

  3. hehehe i can see a blogger on the making. kidding aside, i do appreciate a mom who really take time to teach their kids. kudos to you rose and to all the hands on mom.

  4. Okey yan Rose,She must be lucky to have a mom like you.

    My son started to know how to read all the alphabet b4 he reached at the age of 3, kahit hindi order yong pagkasulat. He even can write most of the alphabet pwerya lang yong mahirap hirap.He can write his name as well, the good thing is,3 letters lang yong name niya ERIK, which is madali pra sa kanya hehe.

    Nagstart na rin akong turuan siya how to read, with 3 letters. He got "primary step of reading" and "primary step of writing" book from us. kaya double work din ako ngaun, hmm srap maging nanay lol.

    gaya ng girl mo, my erik loves to use pc too. Yong old pc ko binigay ko sa kanya, for him to learn how to write/type (aside from holding pen) and draw,and of course playing internet games too haha

    btw, already grab your tag. dami na akong utang sayo, daming tag na binigay mo sa akin at di ko na grab.. sorry for that.. busy kasi, alam mo na crisis ngaun kailangan mag work heh.

  5. Good job,Mom!!!Another blogger in the future!!

  6. Nakikita nya kasi na lagi akong nagbablog kaya nagkakainteres na rin dhemz hahaha..

  7. Oh wow, very impressive si erik ate.. maaga mo syan naturuan, ako ngayon lang nagumpisa hahaha..

  8. Oo nga clarissa, pag siguro nagpahinga na ako sa blogging sya na magtitake over lol..


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