Friday, February 20, 2009

Life is grand

My angels got tagged by the beautiful Princess of our blogger friends Demcy and Greg. Thanks a lot Akesha! 1. Life is grand because we got to enjoy the beauty of life through our loving parents.
2. Life is grand because we are fortunate enough to have the things that other kids don't have. 3. Life is grand because we get to enjoy our parent's presence everyday!
4. Life is grand because we will be bale to meet Mommy's family in 3 weeks yippeeee! 5. Life is grand because Mommy gave up her job in order to be with us everyday and Dad is always willing to play with us..
The simple rule is:List 5 reasons why I think that Life is Grand and then pass it on to 5 people. So I am passing this tag to Inday_Adin, Clarissa, Beth, Niko, and to all the Mommies with kids who wants to do this tag..


  1. Thanks for the tag,Ate Rose!!Thanks for always including me in your lists!!^_^

  2. ow they really have the grandest lives dear rose!

    i tagged u with this one on yena's blog! :)

    thanks for tagging me back!! hahaha take care!!

    ow so ur coming back here in three weeks time??? wow!!

  3. very well said Manang ko....swerte nang mga anak natin ano...they have the things that we dont have when we were kids....natatawa ako sa pic ni Ej at Rye...mukhang kinagat ni Rye ang dalire ni EJ...hheheh...great their tandem...wish I have a baby boy...hay dreaming....hehhehe...:)

  4. Ate Rose,done with the Mom award.Thanks po!!I'll do this tag tommorrow!^_^

  5. Hi. how you doing? You have cute kids..

    I have tag for you :

    Title : Have you Got Tag!

    Have a nice day

  6. Ang cute talaga ng mga kids mo! Swerteng mga bata for having wonderful parents!

  7. Sowi, I didn't know Niko hehehe... I'll add yena on the list na lang.. mwah, mwah!

  8. Gawa ka na kasi ng baby boy dhemz para may kalaro na din si akesha

  9. i love taking pic, especially kids :D

    Your kids cute :D, love those pic


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