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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my cute little helpers

Wooo what a day, I was busy cleaning the house and doing the laundry today and now I just got done folding the clothes. I've waited till our kids are sleeping before I folded the clothes because if I don't this will be the scenario.
My daughter is actually pretty good in helping me fold clothes but my son on the other hand just want to play on top of it. It's frustrating sometimes because after you fold the clothes, he will unfold it lol...


  1. cute indeed :-) jake is like rylie, he likes helping us with the shores :-)

  2. wow this is Akesha din..she loves to sit on the top..nako dko pa na fold mga labahan..ito stranded....hehhe!

  3. Kids... That's the way they should be! LOL.. otherwise they're not kids!

  4. ayy. that reminds me when my kids was young .

    Cute naman bedroom ng princesa mo.

  5. bumisita lang. have a nice day

  6. They're so cute!!Ganun din mga kids ko-- they're helping me unfold the clothes!!lol!

  7. naku c nicole nman dinadala lahat sa sala kahit mga underware ko cnasalukbong haha pinagtatanggal nya lahat sa dresser tapos uupo dun sa dresser na maliit grabe,

  8. makiagi mads, just to open my blog for updates..wait ko din mga angels ko next time to help me doing my lifetime duty!...


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