Thursday, February 5, 2009

food parade

I know that you are tired and hungry because of bloghopping so here are some food for you. Sphagetti the other day! We had this yakisoba pansit (noodles) for breakfast yesterday. Pork Nilaga (soup) for yesterday's lunch.
Corned beef for today (a little too salty hehehe) I like the corned beef that can be bought in the Philippines.. they're more chunky and yummy!
And for dessert, my daughter and hubby baked a valentine cake yesterday. Want some food anyone?


  1. Wow! Nagutom tuloy ako :). Really! Looks delicious. And I agree about the corned beef from the Philippines being more yummy. And how sweet of your hubby and daughter to bake the cake! ;)

  2. sarap ng food . I miss pork nilaga hmm. Gawa nalang ako ng pork sinigang on saturday,nagutom tuloy ako rose hehe.

    sweet ni hubby very advance yong valentine cake niya. Galing ng girl at hubby mo nakapagbake na.

  3. Now that is a parade of good looking food, yum, yum, I will have some, especially the cake. Thank you for coming by the other day.

  4. so yummy,im drooling right about now. the pancit looks scrumptious and the nilaga looks so i dont know, its my favortie comfort foods.

    hope you swing by,got an award for you

  5. nkakagutom nman ate sa mga post mo hmmm oo masarap yung corned beef sa pinas kesa dito di masyado masarap

  6. hahha....ginutom mo ako manang...hay buhay....hahha..pinagparade banaman yung pag kain..pansit lang po the presetation....basta pancit lang talaga sakin...hehhe..miss ko na ang pansit..d ako marunong magluto ng pansit manang eh..sotanghon lang alam ko...everytime i make one..lagi bulilyaso..hehhe!..honga yung CB din dito...I hate it...hehhe..parang dog food...hehhe!

  7. wow,,kakagutom i like pansit talaga,,and yes masarap tlaga corned beef dito sa pinas..Rose kahit ba andito ako sa pinas pwede ako kumita sa blog??

  8. Sarap naman,Ate Rose!!!\(^0^)/ I miss corned beef from Pinas!!
    I just finished the tag you gave me,Te!Pacencya na,medyo busy kc aketch eh!
    Have a nice day po!! Good night na ba dyan??

  9. Wooo! Looks yummy to me. YOu makes me hungry ate.


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