Friday, January 23, 2009

These boots....

When I saw these boots that my sister in law sent to our kids, I remember the song "These Boots Were Made for Walking" originally sung by Travis William in 1987 and was remake by Jessica Simpson, please watch the video below courtesy of
Thanks Chris and Gail, the kids love it!


  1. is that EJ's boots? my son has one too exactly like that he wore at halloween party at church last year :-)

  2. Ahh.. I love the little boots for your princess Mommy Rose. OMG! super kikay na jud ani pag nasuksuk na ang boots...huhuhu jealous na me sad of hving a baby girl.hhahah

    BTW, Mommy I hv a tag for you, pls grab it here :

    Im sure you're going to love the virus.

  3. wow nice know what sistah..I was planning on getting the 2nd boots last weekend at walmart..pero nagdadalwang isip ako...hehhe..kapareho talaga nong nakita sure bagay na bagay yan kay rye...:)

  4. WOW nice boots. PUro kay Rylie ang mga yan? She is lucky to have auntie who gives her nice gifts. Cute talaga mga stuffs nang mga baby girl. Parang gusto ko rin suotin hahaha! Napadaan lang rose!


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